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List by research field(Neurology)

Namesort ascendingAffiliationOfficial titleResearch fields - keywords
Tomidokoro YasushiFaculty of MedicineAssistant ProfessorNeurology - amyloidosis, Alzheimer disease, Biochemistry
Terada MakotoFaculty of MedicineAssistant ProfessorNeurology, General internal medicine (including psychosomatic medicine) -
Shibata YasushiFaculty of MedicineProfessorNeurosurgery, Radiation science, Emergency medicine, Neurology - Brain tumor, cerebrovascular disease, Radiological diagnosis, Headache, 医療マネージメント, MRI, SPECT, Migraine, Critical pathway, brain injury
Onizuka MasatakaFaculty of MedicineAssociate ProfessorRespiratory surgery, General surgery, General physiology, Neurology - Respiratory surgery Surgical stress (Surgery in General) Pulmonary and lymph circulation (Physiology) Cancer metastasis to the lung, 認知症
Nakamagoe KiyotakaFaculty of MedicineAssistant ProfessorNeurology - Neuro-ophthalmology, Neurophysiology, Ocular movement, Nystagmus, Brainstem, Cell groups of the paramedian tracts (PMT), Vestibular function, aging, Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Organoarsenic poisoning
Miyake ZenshiFaculty of MedicineAssistant ProfessorNeurology - パーキンソン症候群
Mathis Bryan JamesFaculty of MedicineAssistant ProfessorCardiovascular medicine, Foreign language education, Immunology, Neurology -
Masuda TomoyukiFaculty of MedicineAssociate ProfessorGeneral anatomy (including histology/embryology), Nerve anatomy/Neuropathology, Neurology, Tourism Studies, Basic / Social brain science, Kansei informatics, Geography, Sports science, Medical genome science - DNA methylation analysis, Neurodegenerative diseases, Toxicology, Neural development , Nerve regeneration, Cognitive science, Affecitve engineering/Kansei engineering, Regional Geography, Tourism Geography, Ski Resort
Ishii AkikoFaculty of MedicineAssistant ProfessorNeurology, General internal medicine (including psychosomatic medicine) - Gene therapy for musclular dystrophy, Autoantibodies associated with pananeoplastic syndrome, Regeneration process of skeletal muscle
Hosaka TakashiFaculty of MedicineAssistant ProfessorNeurology -