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List by research field(Endocrinology)

Namesort descendingAffiliationOfficial titleResearch fields - keywords
Isobe KazumasaFaculty of MedicineAssistant ProfessorEndocrinology, Laboratory medicine - Endocrinology, Clinical Pathology, catecholamine, pheochromocytoma
Osaki YoshinoriFaculty of MedicineAssistant ProfessorMetabolomics, Endocrinology - HMG-CoA reductase, Rhabdomyolysis, statin, Skeletal muscle
Sekiya MotohiroFaculty of MedicineAssociate ProfessorMetabolomics, Endocrinology - energy metabolism
Sugiyama TakehiroFaculty of MedicineAssociate ProfessorHygiene and public health, Epidemiology and preventive medicine, Metabolomics, Endocrinology - ヘルスサービスリサーチ, 医療政策, 糖尿病, 生活習慣病
Suzuki HiroakiFaculty of MedicineAssociate ProfessorMetabolomics, Endocrinology, Applied health science - nuclear receptors, skeletal muscle, energy metabolism, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, macroangiopathy, diagnosis and treatment of endocrine diseases
Takekoshi KazuhiroFaculty of MedicineProfessorEndocrinology, Sports science, Laboratory medicine, Human genetics, Applied health science - 遺伝子ドーピング(特に遺伝子編集)の検出法開発, 血液ドーピング(自己輸血ドーピング)検査法開発, スポーツ栄養学, 新規生理活性物質「レナラーゼ」の研究(糖尿病薬・栄養学への応用), 新しい運動マーカーとしてのcfDNAの研究, アンチドーピング教育、とくにアスリートのゲノムリテラシー教育, 褐色細胞腫の遺伝子診断 , 遺伝カウンセリング, 遺伝医学教育, 褐色細胞腫の生化学的診断法(血中遊離メタネフリン、3-メトキシチラミン)