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List by research field(Natural disaster / Disaster prevention science)

Namesort descendingAffiliationOfficial titleResearch fields - keywords
Choe Jae YoungFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesAssociate ProfessorCivil engineering project/Traffic engineering, Natural disaster / Disaster prevention science, Statistical science - 交通需要, 地震, 交通需要変動, パーソントリップ, 交通政策, 計量社会科学, 比較計量分析
Kitahara ItaruCenter for Computational Sciences ProfessorIntelligent robotics, Intelligent informatics, Human interface and interaction, Multimedia database, Sports science, Natural disaster / Disaster prevention science, Biomedical engineering/Biomaterial science and engineering, Cultural assets study and museology, Earth system and resources engineering - Computer Vision, Free-Viewpoint Video, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, Computational Media, Image Processing, Deep Learning
Mitsume NaotoFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsAssistant ProfessorComputational science, Natural disaster / Disaster prevention science -
Mizunoya TakeshiFaculty of Life and Environmental SciencesAssociate ProfessorEnvironmental policy and social systems, Design and evaluation of sustainable and environmental conscious system, Natural disaster / Disaster prevention science, Social systems engineering/ Safety system - Environmental economics and policy , Comprehensive environmental evaluation, Environmentally-extended input-output analysis, Modeling and Computer simulation, Integrated watershed management, Greenhouse gas reduction strategies, Reduction of air pollutant emissions, Water resources management, Water circulation, Renewable energy, Environmental technology, Co-benefits approach
Onda YuichiFaculty of Life and Environmental SciencesProfessorGeography, Natural disaster / Disaster prevention science, Forest science - Hydrogeomorphology, Hillslope Hydrology, Landslides, Geomorphic development Environmental isotopes, 森林における表面侵食, 河川環境への影響の解明, 流域環放射性同位体を用いた流域の土砂動態の解明
Shoji GakuFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsProfessorStructural engineering/Earthquake engineering/Maintenance management engineering, Social systems engineering/ Safety system, Natural disaster / Disaster prevention science - Disaster information, Disaster prevention and resilience, Theory of Vibrations and waves, Earthquake and tsunami, Structural reliability engineering, Physical failure of infrastructure, Deterioration of infrastructure, Structural health monitoring and damage detection, Lifeline, Transportation facility, Electric power supply system, Water treatment system, Telecommunication network
UMEMOTO MichitakaFaculty of Engineering, Information and SystemsAssociate ProfessorSocial systems engineering/ Safety system, Natural disaster / Disaster prevention science - Risk management in urban and regional area: Evacuation planning, evacuation, disaster information, regionals' countermeasures against nuclear disaster, perception of disaster risk