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List by research field(Cultural anthropology)

NameAffiliationsort descendingOfficial titleResearch fields - keywords
Uchiyamada YasushiUniversity of TsukubaProfessor EmeritusCultural anthropology - Social Anthropology
Bushnell Cade ConlanFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesAssociate ProfessorJapanese linguistics, Sociology , Cultural anthropology - Conversation analysis, Membership categorization analysis, Ethnomethodology, Situated learning, Sociocultural approaches to learning, Second language socialization, Linguistic anthoropology (discursive practices)
Hogue Timothy ScottFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesAssistant ProfessorArea studies, Cultural anthropology, Linguistics, Archaeology, History of Asia and Africa, Aesthetics and studies on art, Basic / Social brain science - Hebrew Bible, Northwest Semitic dialects, Aramaic, Hieroglyphic Luwian inscriptions, sociolinguistics, cognitive archaeology
Kimura ShuheiFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesAssociate ProfessorCultural anthropology - disaster, risk, public
Kimura TakeshiFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesProfessorReligious studies, Cultural anthropology, Area studies - History of Religions, Anthropology, Sustainability Studies, Roboethics
Maegawa KeijiFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesProfessorCultural anthropology - Cultural Anthropology, Globalization and Glocalization, Anthropology of Development, Translative adapttion, Tourism-based Community Development, Area Studies(Oceania)
Maruyama HiroshiFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesProfessorHistory of Asia and Africa, Cultural anthropology -
Nakano YasushiFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesAssociate ProfessorCultural anthropology - 民俗学史, 村落, 社会構成論, 生産経済論, 水産・漁業, 東アジア, 民俗調査論
Samoto HidenoriFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesAssistant ProfessorCultural anthropology, Area studies - cultural anthropology, anthropology of music, Oceanian studies, Solomon Islands, music and society
Sekine HisaoFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesProvostCultural anthropology, Area studies - Cultural anthropology, Development anthropology, Solomon Islands, 地域開発論, development assistance, social development, Oceania, NGOs and International Volunteer studies