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List by research field(Politics)

Namesort descendingAffiliationOfficial titleResearch fields - keywords
Akashi Jun-ichiFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesProfessorPolitics, International relations - Immigration and Refugee Policies, International Movements of People in Asia, Global Governance
DADABAEV TimurFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesProfessorInternational relations, Politics - International Relations, Central Eurasian Politics, Japanese Foreign Policy towards Central Asia
Higashino AtsukoFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesAssociate ProfessorInternational relations, Politics - ヨーロッパ, 国際政治, 国際関係史, 地域統合, 安全保障, 国際関係理論, ヨーロッパ統合理論, コンストラクティビズム, 欧州連合(EU), 北大西洋条約機構(NATO), コペンハーゲン学派, 拡大, トルコ, 中・東欧, 近隣諸国政策
Iwasaki MikikoUniversity of TsukubaProfessor EmeritusPolitics, Politics -
Kiyama KosukeFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesAssistant ProfessorPhilosophy/Ethics, Fundamental law, Politics - Public Philosophy, Philosophy of Human Rights, Ethics of Development, Legal Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Political Philosophy, Political Theory, Global Studies, foreign aid policy, international development, human rights
Mizoue ChiekoUniversity of TsukubaVice PresidentEducation, Politics - Higher education, Candian educational policy, cultural policy, adult learning
Mouri AkiFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesAssistant ProfessorInternational relations, Politics - maritime disputes in East and Southeast Asia, UN convention of the law of the sea, constructing sovereignty and the boundary, sovereignty and jurisdiction, civil-military relations
Nakamura ItsuroFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesProfessorPolitics - ロシア政治
Okura SaeFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesAssistant ProfessorPolitics - Political Process, Political Participation, Gender Studies, Civil Society Studies
Seki KatsunoriFaculty of Humanities and Social SciencesAssistant ProfessorPolitics - Comparative Politics, Quantitative Political Science