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Conference, etc.
  • 高次元データの分類–判別分析とクラスター分析の諸問題と高次元現象
    青嶋 誠
    The Applied Statistics Workshop/2014-12-19
  • Two-Stage Inference Methods for Large P, Small N Scenarios: Part II
    Aoshima Makoto
    Fifth International Workshop in Applied Probability/2010-07
  • Effective Classification for High-Dimension, Non-Gaussian Data and Sample Size Determination
    Aoshima Makoto
    Third International Workshop in Sequential Methodologies/2011-06
  • Effective Methodologies for High-Dimensional Statistical Inference
    Aoshima Makoto
    Joint Meeting of the 2011 Taipei International Statistical Symposium and 7th Conference of the Asian Regional Section of the IASC/2011-12
  • Discussion on Professor Shelemyahu Zacks' Talk
    Aoshima Makoto
    Sixth International Workshop on Applied Probability/2012-06
  • Misclassification Rate Adjusted Classifier for Multiclass, High-Dimensional Data
    Aoshima Makoto
    Sixth International Workshop on Applied Probability/2012-06
  • Effective Methodologies for High-Dimensional Data
    Aoshima Makoto
    Fourth International Workshop in Sequential Methodologies/2013-07
  • New PCAs for High-Dimensional Data
    Aoshima Makoto
    Workshop on Statistics for High-Dimensional and Dependent Data/2014-03
  • Quadratic-Type Classifications for Non-Gaussian, High-Dimensional Data
    Aoshima Makoto
    Second Conference of the International Society of NonParametric Statistics/2014-06
  • High-Dimensional Quadratic Classifiers in Non-Sparse Settings
    Aoshima Makoto
    Workshop on Statistical Methods for Large Complex Data/2015-03-13
  • PCA consistency for high-dimensional data under the power spiked model
    Yata Kazuyoshi; Makoto Aoshima
    KSS/JSS/CSA International Session in KSS Semi-Annual Meeting/2013-11-02--2013-11-02
  • Effective PCA for high-dimensional data and its applications
    Makoto Aoshima; Kazuyoshi Yata
    The 59th ISI World Statistics Congress/2013-08-27--2013-08-27
  • PCA Consistency for Power Spiked Model in High-Dimensional Settings
    矢田 和善; 青嶋 誠
  • 高次元小標本データの統計学
    青嶋 誠; 矢田 和善
    2012 年度統計関連学会連合大会(日本統計学会研究業績賞受賞者講演)/2012-09-10