Yabana Kazuhiro

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Conference, etc.
  • Time-dependent description for nuclear reaction dynamics in the continuum
    K. Yabana; T. Nakatsukasa; M. Ito
    International Nuclear Physics Conference/2007-06-03
  • Simulation for electron dynamics in dielectric material under intense laser pulse
    K. Yabana
    2nd Canada-Japan SRO-COAST Symposium on Ultrafast Intense Laser Science/2007-03-05
  • Real-time simulation for the electron-ion dynamics in solid induced by laser field
    K. Yabana
    International Workshop on First Principles Calculation of Correlated Electrons/2006-11-30
  • Time-dependent approaches for nuclear reaction and response
    K. Yabana
    2nd German-Japan Workshop on Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics/2006-10-04
  • 高強度場中にある粒子のシミュレーション―原子核理論からのアプローチ―
  • First-principle simulation for electron dynamics in molecules and solids under intense laser field
    K. Yabana
    Canada-Japan SRO-COAST Symposium on Ultrafast Intense Laser Science/2006-07-07
  • Multiphoton vs field ionization of molecules and solids by intense ultrashort pulses
    K. Yabana
    TAGEN International Symposium on Photoelectric Effects - from atoms to solids, weak vs strong fields -/2006-06-19
  • First-principle simulation of electron dynamics in solid under intense pulse laser
    K. Yabana
    46th IUVSTA Workshop and 5th International Symposium on Ultrafast Surface Dynamics/2006-05-21
  • 有限量子系ダイナミクスへの時間依存アプローチ
  • Real-time calculations for dipole response in neutron-rich unstable nuclei
    K. Yabana
    RIKEN symposium 2006 "Methods of many-body systems: mean-field theories and beyond"/2006-03-20
  • Visualizing reaction mechanism with time-dependent method
    K. Yabana
    International workshop "Nuclear Physics with RIBF"/2006-03-13
  • Electron dynamics under intense laser field in molecules and solids
    K. Yabana
    International workshop on electronic excitations/2005-11-21
  • Visualizing reaction mechanism: a time-dependent Schroedinger equation approach
    K. Yabana
    International Workshop on Nuclear Structure Near the Limits of Stabilities/2005-09-26
  • Fusion mechanism of weakly-bound nuclei
    K. Yabana
    2nd Joint meeting of the Nuclear Physics Divisions of APS and JPS/2005-09-18
  • A new stochastic method superposing multiple Slater determinants
    K. Yabana; S. Sinohara; H. Ohta; T. Nakatsukasa
    2nd Joint Meeting of the Nuclear Physics Divisions of APS and JPS/2005-09-18
  • Novel computational approaches for nuclear reactions
    K. Yabana
    4th CNS International Summer School/2005-08-18
  • Real-time, real-space implementation of the time-dependent density-functional theory
    K. Yabana
    CECAM workshop on state of the art developments and perspectives of real-space electronic structure techniques in condensed matter and molecular physics/2005-06-20
  • Quantum simulation for many-electron dynamics in molecules under intense laser field
    K. Yabana
    International symposium on atoms, molecules, and clusters in intense laser field 2/2005-01-24
  • Reaction mechanism of halo nuclei at low energy: a time-dependent wave-packet approach
    K. Yabana
    Japanese-German Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics Workshop/2004-12-16
  • Time-dependent density-functional approach for 3D electronic dynamics in molecules
    K. Yabana; T. Otobe
    International Symposium on Ultrafast Intense Laser Science 3/2004-09-16
  • 強光子場によるイオン化過程の電子ダイナミクスシミュレーション