Yamamura Yasuhisa

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  • Magnetic and Raman Scattering Studies on Intercalation Compounds FexNbS2
    M. Koyano; H. Watanabe; Y. Yamamura; T. Tsuji; and S. Ka...
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  • Thermoelectric Properties of Ca Doped LixCo2O4 at High Temperatures
    T. Tsuji; M. Hashida; and Y. Yamamura; +山村 泰久
    The Fourth Pacific Rim International Conference on Advanced Materials and Processing (PRICM4); The Japan Institute of Materials/p.2137-2140, 2001-01
  • Conduction Mechanism and Thermoelectric Properties of Layered Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides
    M. Koyano; H. Emoto; Y. Yamamura; S. Katayama; and T. Tsuji
    The Fourth Pacific Rim International Conference on Advanced Materials and Processing (PRICM4); The Japan Institute of Materials/p.2169-2172, 2001-01
  • Calorimetric and X-Ray Diffraction Studies on a-to-b Structural Phase Transitions in HfW2O8 and ZrW2O8
    Y. Yamamura; N. Nakajima; and T. Tsuji
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  • Thermodynamic and mechanical properties of Ce1-xHfxO2 (x= 0-0.10) solid solutions
    N. Nakajima; H. Mitani; Y. Yamamura; and T. Tsuji
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  • Thermodynamic and magnetic properties of intercalated layered compounds FexNbS2
    T. Tsuji; Y. Yamamura; M. Koyano; S. Katayama; and M. Ito
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  • Carrier scattering by intercalated Fe spin ordering in 2H-NbS2 van der Waals gap
    M. Koyano; K. Mizoo; K. Nagao; S. Katayama; Y. Yamamura; ...
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  • Heat-capacity anomaly due to spin reorientation and thermodynamic functions of ErFeO3 and TmFeO3
    Heat-Capacity Anomaly due to Spin Reorientation; Thermody...
    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials/225/p.381-388, 2001-01
  • Evidence of Charge Strips, Charge-Spin-Orbital Coupling and Phase Transition in a Simple Copper Oxide CuO
    X. Zheng; C.-N. Xu; E. Tanaka; Y. Tomokiyo; H. Yamada; Y....
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  • Raman Scattering from Intercalation Compounds FexNbS2 under High Pressure
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  • The Effect of Ge Doping on p-Type Higher Manganese Silicides (HMS)
    I. Aoyama; H. Kaibe; S. Sano; F. Yu. Solomkin; I. S. Ere...
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  • Structural and thermal properties of LiMnO4 substitued for manganese by iron
    T. Tsuji; M. Nagao; Y. Yamamura; N. T. Tai
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  • Effect of ionic radius on electrical conductivity of doped SmAlO3 peroveskite oxide
    T. Tsuji; Y. Ohashi; and Y. Yamamura; +山村 泰久
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  • Low Temperature Physical Properties of the Organic Conductor, (DIMET)2I3 after Thermal Treatment
    H. Yoshino; K. Murata; Y. Yamamura; T. Tsuji; H. Nishika...
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  • Electrical properties of organic conductors at high temperature
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  • Phase transition of negative thermal expansion Zr1-xHfxW2O8 solid solution
    N. Nakajima; Y. Yamamura; T. Tsuji
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  • Low temperature heat capacities and Raman spectra of negative thermal expansion compounds ZrW2O8 and HfW2O8
    Y. Yamamura; N. Nakajima; T. Tsuji; M. Koyano; Y. Iwasa; ...
    Physical Review B/66/p.014301-(1-9), 2002-01
  • First order phase transition in Na1.5Co2O4
    T. Tojo; H. Kawaji; T. Atake; Y. Yamamura; M. Hashida; an...
    Physical Review B/65/p.052105-1 - 052105-3, 2002-01
  • Heat capacity and Grüneisen function of negative thermal expansion compound HfW2O8
    Y. Yamamura; N. Nakajima; T. Tsuji; Y. Iwasa; K. Saito; a...
    Solid State Communications/121/p.213-217, 2002-01
  • Synthesis and physical properties of negative thermal expansion materials Zr1-xMxW2O8-y (M=Sc, In, Y) substituted for Zr(IV) sites by M(III) ions
    N. Nakajima; Y. Yamamura; and T. Tsuji
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  • High Temperature Thermoelectric Properties of Ca1-xDyxMnO2.98(0 < x < 0.2)
    P. X. Thao; T. Tsuji; M. Hashida; and Y. Yamamura; +山村 泰久
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  • Charge Density Study of Negative-Thermal-Expansion Material ZrW2O8
    A. Kojima; Y. Kuroiwa; S. Aoyagi; A. Sawada; Y. Yamamura...
    Journal of Korean Physical Society,/42/p.S1257-S1260, 2003-01
  • Drastic lowering of the order-disorder phase transition temperatures in Zr1-xMxW2O8-y (M=Sc, Y, In) solid solutions
    Y. Yamamura; N. Nakajima; T. Tsuji; A. Kojima; Y. Kuroiw...
    Physical Review B/70/p.104107-1 &#8211; 104107-, 2004-01
  • High-temperature thermoelectric properties of Ca1-xPrxMnO3-s(0
    B.T. Cong; T. Tsuji; P. X. Thao; P. Q. Thanh; and Y. Yam...
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  • Non-equilibrium and Non-linear Stationary State in Thermoelectric Materials
    H. Iwasaki; M. Koyano; Y. Yamamura; and H. Hori
    Solid State Communications/130/p.507-510, 2004-01
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