Nakatani Kiyoharu

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  • Dissolution Characteristics of Resist Polymers Studied by the Quartz Crystal Microbalance Transmission-Line Analysis and the pKa Acidity Analysis.
    M. Toriumi; T. Itani; J. Yamashita; T. Sekine; K. Nakatani
    Proc. SPIE/4690/p.904-911, 2002-07
  • Single Microdroplet/Water Extraction and in situ Microanalysis by Microcapillary Injection and Differential Pulse Voltammetry
    NAKATANI Kiyoharu; NOGUCHI Tomoko; NEGISHI Takayuki
    Analytical Sciences/18(5)/pp.533-536, 2002-05
  • Intraparticle Diffusion and Adsorption Isotherm for Sorption in Silica Gel Studied by Single Microparticle Injection and Microabsorption Methods.
    T. Sekine; K. Nakatani
    Langmuir/18/p.694-697, 2002-02
  • Transfer and Adsorption of 1-Pyrene Sulfonate across the Water/1, 2-Dichloroethane Interface Studied by Potential Modulated Fluorescence Spectroscopy.
    K. Nakatani; H. Nagatani; D. J. Fermin; H. H. Girault
    J. Electroanal. Chem./518/p.1-5, 2002-01
  • Kinetic Analysis of Fast Mass Transfer across Oil/Water Interface Using Single Microdroplet Injection and Potential Step Electrolysis
    NAKATANI Kiyoharu; NEGISHI Takayuki
    Analytical Sciences/17(9)/pp.1109-1111, 2001-09
  • Kinetic Analysis of Electrochemically-Induced Ion Transfer across a Single Microdroplet/Water Interface
    N. Terui; K. Nakatani; N. Kitamura
    J. Electroanal. Chem./494/p.41-46, 2000-12
  • Direct Analysis of Intraparticle Mass Transfer in Silica Gel using Single-Microparticle Injection and Microabsorption Methods
    K. Nakatani; T. Sekine
    Langmuir/16/p.9256-9260, 2000-11
  • Single-Microparticle Injection and Microabsorptiometry : Direct Analysis of Sorption Processes
    K. Nakatani; T. Sekine
    J. Colloid Interface Sci./225/p.251-253, 2000-05
  • A Study on Liquid-Liquid Distribution Based on Single Picoliter Droplets and in Situ Electrochemical Measurements
    K. Nakatani; M. Sudo; N. Kitamura
    Anal. Chem./72/p.339-342, 2000-01
  • Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Dynamic Anisotropy of Sulforhodamine 101 at a Liquid/Liquid Interface : Rotational Reorientation Times and Interfacial Structures
    S. Ishizaka; K. Nakatani; S. Habuchi; N. Kitamura
    Anal. Chem./71/p.419-426, 1999-01
  • Characteristic Behavior of the Electron Transfer Reaction Across a Tributyl Phosphate Droplet/Water Interface : Micrometer Droplet-Size Effect
    K. Chikama; K. Nakatani; N. Kitamura
    Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan/71/pp.1065-1070, 1998-05
  • Concentration Effect on Azomethine Dye Formation in Individual Micro-Oil-Droplets Dispersed in an Aqueous Dodecyl Sulfate/Gelatin Solution.
    K. Nakatani; T. Suzuki; S. Shitara; N. Kitamura
    Langmuir/14/p.2286-2290, 1998-04
  • Intrinsic Droplet-Size Effect on Mass Transfer Rate across a Single-Microdroplet/Water Interface : Role of Adsorption on a Spherical Liquid/Liquid Boundary
    K. Nakatani; M. Sudo; N. Kitamura
    J. Phys. Chem./102/p.2908-2913, 1998-04
  • Time-Resolved Total Internal Reflection Fluorometry of 1-Pyrene Sulfonate Anion at Liqueid/Liquid Interface
    K. Nakatani; S. Ishizaka; N. Kitamura
    Anal. Sci./12/p.701-705, 1996-10
  • Liquid-Junction Potential Dependence of the Electron Transfer Rate across a Single-Microdroplet/Water Interface
    K. Chikama; K. Nakatani; N. Kitamura
    Chemistry letters/1996(8)/pp.665-666, 1996-08
  • In Situ Measurements of Ion-Exchange Processes in Single Polymer Particles : Laser Trapping-Microspectroscopy and Confocal Fluorescence Microspectroscopy
    H.-B. Kim; M. Hayashi; K. Nakatani; N. Kitamura; K. Sasa...
    Anal. Chem./68/p.409-414, 1996-06
  • Interfacial Mass Transfer across a Single Microdroplet/Water Boundary. Laser Trapping and Generation-Collection Experiments at a Microelectrode Array
    NAKATANI Kiyoharu; TERUI Norifumi; HASEBE Kiyoshi; KITAMU...
    Chemistry letters/1996(6)/pp.457-458, 1996-06
  • Kinetic Analyses of an Electrochemically-Induced Reaction through a Generation-Collection Mode of Twin-Microband Electrodes
    K. Nakatani; N. Terui; N. Kitamura
    Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn./69/p.997-1001, 1996-04
  • Electrochemical Studies on Mass Transfer of Ferrocene Derivatives across a Single-Nitrobenzene-Microdroplet/Water Interface
    K. Nakatani; M. Wakabayashi; K. Chikama; N. Kitamura
    J. Phys. Chem./100/p.6749-6754, 1996-04
  • Photometric Analyses of Optically-Trapped Single Microparticles in Solution
    N. Kitamura; M. Hayashi; H.-B. Kim; K. Nakatani
    Analytical sciences : the international journal of the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry/12/pp.49-54, 1996-02
  • Micrometer Size Effects on Dye Association in Single Laser-Trapped Water Droplets
    H. Yao; Y. Inoue; H. Ikeda; K. Nakatani; H.-B. Kim; N. K...
    J. Phys. Chem./100/p.1494-1497, 1996-02
  • Laser Trapping-Microspectroscopy of Single Microparticles.
    金 幸夫; 中谷 清治; 八尾 浩史; 喜多村 昇
    Bunseki Kagaku/44/p.977-987, 1995-12
  • Micrometer Size Effect upon Viscosity of Individual Droplets Dispersed in the Oil/Water/Dodecyl Sulfate System : A Transient Absorption Microspectroscopic Study
    S. Funakura; K. Nakatani; H. Misawa; N. Kitamura; H. Mas...
    J. Phys. Chem./99/p.15192-15197, 1995-10
  • Droplet-Size Dependence of Electron Transfer Rate across Single-Microdroplet/Water Interface
    K. Nakatani; K. Chikama; H.-B. Kim; N. Kitamura
    Chem. Phys. Lett./237/p.133-136, 1995-05
  • Direct Analyses of Electrochemically-Induced Dye Formation Reaction across Single-Microdroplet/Water Interface
    K. Nakatani; T. Suto; M. Wakabayashi; H.-B. Kim; N. Kita...
    J. Phys. Chem./99/p.4745-4749, 1995-03
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