Maeshima Nobuya

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  • Spinon excitation and Möbius boundary condition in S=1/2 antiferromagnetic Heisenberg spin ladder with zigzag structure
    K. Okunishi; N. Maeshima
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  • Matrix product state approximation for the maximum-eigenvalue eigenstate of the quantum transfer matrix
    N. Maeshima; Y. Hieida; T. Nishino; K. Okunishi
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  • Magnetic properties of a S=1/2 zigzag spin chain compound (N2H5)CuCl3
    N. Maeshima; M. Hagiwara; Y. Narumi; K. Kindo; T. C. Kob...
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  • Stable optimization of a tensor product variational state
    A. Gendiar; N. Maeshima; T. Nishino
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  • Tensor product state formulation for the spin 1/2 antiferromagnetic XXZ model on the checkerboard lattice
    N. Maeshima
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  • Frustration-induced η inversion in the S=1/2 spin chain
    Nobuya Maeshima Kouichi Okunishi Kiyomi Okamoto and T...
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  • Optical responses of photoexcited states in the one-dimensional ionic Hubbard model
    Nobuya Maeshima; Kenji Yonemitsu
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  • Field-Induced Phase Transitions and Long-Range Orders in the S=1/2 Spin Bond-Alternating Chain with Frustrating Interaction
    Nobuya Maeshima Kouichi Okunishi Kiyomi Okamoto T&#24...
    Supplement to Journal of the Physical Society of Japan/74/p.63, 2005-01
  • Effect of Staggered Field on the Magnetization Process of S = 1/2 Antiferromagnetic Chains
    Akira Matsuo; Kohei Hosokawa; Yasuo Narumi; Kouichi Okun...
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  • Photoinduced metallic properties of one-dimensional strongly correlated electron systems
    Nobuya Maeshima; Kenji Yonemitsu
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  • Effect of high pressure on A2Cu2Mo3O12(A=Rb,Cs): A one-dimensional system with competing ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic interactions
    T. Hamasaki; H. Kuroe; T. Sekine; T. Naka; M. Hase; Nobuy...
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  • Possibility of field-induced incommensurate order in quasi-one-dimensional frustrated spin system
    Nobuya Maeshima Kouichi Okunishi Kiyomi Okamoto T&oci...
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  • Dynamics of photoexcited states in one-dimensional dimerized Mott insulators
    Nobuya Maeshima; Kenji Yonemitsu
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  • Charge-Transfer Excitations in One-Dimensional Dimerized Mott Insulators
    Nobuya Maeshima; Kenji Yonemitsu
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  • Photoinduced melting of charge order in a quarter-filled electron system coupled with different types of phonons
    Kenji Yonemitsu; Nobuya Maeshima
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  • Suppression of rectification at metal-Mott-insulator interfaces
    Kenji Yonemitsu; Nobuya Maeshima; and Tatsuo Hasegawa
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  • Photoinduced Change in the Charge Order Pattern in the Quarter-Filled Organic Conductor (EDO-TTF)2PF6 with a Strong Electron-Phonon Interaction
    Ken Onda; Sho Ogihara; Kenji Yonemitsu; Nobuya Maeshima; ...
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  • Magnetic Field versus Temperature Phase Diagram of the Spin-1/2 Alternating Chain Compound F5PNN
    Yasuo Yoshida; Tatsuya Kawae; Yuko Hosokoshi; Katsuya In...
    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan/78(7)/p.074716, 2009-07
  • Resonance Structure of Dynamic Fractional Stark Ladders in Laser-Driven Biased Superlattices
    Tomohiro Karasawa; Nobuya Maeshima; and Ken-ichi Hino
    Solid State Communications/151/p.392, 2011-03
  • Photogenerated polaronic state in a one-dimensional dimerized Mott insulator K-TCNQ
    Nobuya Maeshima; Kenji Yonemitsu; Ken-ichi Hino
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series/148/p.012005(1-4), 2009-01
  • Photoinduced dynamics in a one-dimensional two-orbital degenerate Hubbard model
    Nobuya Maeshima; Kenji Yonemitsu; Ken-ichi Hino
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series/200/pp.012109- (6pp), 2010-01
  • Resonance structure and stability of intense terahertz-driven semiconductor Wannier-Stark ladder
    T. Karasawa; T. Amano; A. Kukuu; N. Maeshima; K. Hino
    Physica Status Solidi C-Current Topics in Solid State Physics/8(1)/p.217-219, 2011-01
  • Optical Response of Polarons and Solitons in One-Dimensional Peierls-Hubbard Model
    Maeshima Nobuya; Moriya Kosuke; Hino Ken-ichi
  • Dynamical Fano resonance of an exciton in laser-driven semiconductor superlattices
    Maeshima Nobuya; Hino Ken-ichi
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B/85(20), 2012-05
  • Dimerization-induced spin-charge coupling in one-dimensional Mott insulators revealed by femtosecond reflection spectroscopy of Rb-tetracyanoquinodimethane salts
    Uemura H.; Maeshima N.; Yonemitsu K.; Okamoto H.
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B/85(12), 2012-03
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