Okada Yukihiko

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  • Momentum Accounting研究の史的展開と将来の発展方向
    岡田 幸彦; 小池 由美香
    簿記研究/4(1), 2021-06
  • Proposal of a Correction Method for 3-Axis Acceleration Data Obtained from Vehicle-mounted Sensors
    金子 直樹; 秦 涼太; 岡田 幸彦; 山本 亨輔
    土木学会 第24回応用力学シンポジウム講演概要集, 2021-05
  • Numerical Verification of Noise Influence on Vehicle Parameter Estimation Accuracy of System Identification by On-going Monitoring
    秦 涼太; 井上 潤; 岡田 幸彦; 山本 亨輔
    土木学会 第24回応用力学シンポジウム講演概要集, 2021-05
  • Decentralized learning with virtual patients for medical diagnosis of diabetes.
    Yuta Takahashi; Han-ten Chang; Akie Nakai; Rina Kagawa; H...
    SN Computer Science/2(239), 2021-04
  • Federated Learning System without Model Sharing through Integration of Dimensional Reduced Data Representations
    Bogdanova A.; Nakai A.; Okada Yukihiko; Imakura A.; Sakur...
    Proceedings of FL-IJCAI 2020/pp.1-7, 2021-01
  • Sensing Framework for the Internet of Actors in the Value Co-Creation Process with a Beacon-Attachable Indoor Positioning System
    Zempo Keiichi; Arai Taiga; Aoki Takuya; Okada Yukihiko
    SENSORS/21(1), 2021-01
  • 標準原価管理の革新可能性
    曽根 健一朗; 難波 圭佑; 岡田 幸彦
    経営会計レビュー/1(1)/pp.63-78, 2020-12
  • Real-time Reassurance Monitoring Shopping Basket in Retail Store
    Yamazaki Azusa; Akatsu Ryo; Okada Yukihiko; Zempo Keiichi
    Proceedings of the 18th Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys), 2020-11
  • 経営者のアスピレーションの欠如と管理会計の実践度
    黒木 淳; 地多 佑介; 市原 勇一; 岡田 幸彦
    Accounting progress/21, 2020-09
  • Recording and Visualization of Status Transition of Infection using COVID-19 Patients’ Data Published by Local Governments in Japan
    渡辺 知恵美; 佐野 幸恵; 岡田幸彦; 天笠 俊之
    研究報告ドキュメントコミュニケーション(DC)/2020-DC-117(4)/pp.1-7, 2020-07
  • 行政評価が予算編成過程に与える効果検証―常総市ランダム化比較実験から―
    生方 裕一; 松尾 貴巳; 岡田 幸彦
    国民経済雑誌/222(1)/pp.69-86, 2020-07
  • The Effect of Service Failure Experiences on Customer’s Actorship
    murae Yuna; Okada Yukihiko
    Proceedings of SERVSIG 2020/pp.1-4, 2020-07
  • Positive Effect of Proactive Personality on Customer Orientation in Service Context
    Takashima Ryota; Ueda Natsuki; Hashimoto Tatsuya; Okada ...
    Proceedings of International Congress of Psychology 2020/pp.1-1, 2020-07
  • ベイジアンネットワークへの役割期待
    佐々木健佑; 岡田 幸彦
    オペレーションズ・リサーチ:経営の科学/65(6)/pp.299-303, 2020-06
  • Psychological Safety has a Significant Roles on the Entire Team, Not Individuals in Relation to Proactive Work Behavior
    Takano Shun; Ueda Natsuki; Hashimoto Tatsuya; Okada Yuki...
    Proceedings of Association for Psychological Science 2020/pp.1-1, 2020-05
  • Consumer Experience as Suppliers on Value Co-Creation Behavior
    Ho Bach Q.; Murae Yuna; Hara Tatsunori; Okada Yukihiko
    Serviceology/6(4)/pp.36-36, 2020
  • 待ち行列理論を用いた宅配サービスシステムのモデル化と性能解析
    日出山 慎人; Tuan Phung Duc; 岡田 幸彦
    第36回(2019年度)待ち行列シンポジウム「確率モデルとその応用」報文集/pp.6-15, 2020-01
  • The Unified Product Costing System for Multiple Purposes: Case Evidence from a Japanese Electric Manufacturer
    Takahiro Morimitsu; Kataoka Hiroto; Okada Yukihiko
    Proceedings of the 2020 MAS Midyear Meeting/pp.1-16, 2020-01
  • Applications of Bayesian Network Models in Predicting Disease Onset for Health Insurance Service
    Sasaki Kensuke; Shin Ryota; Kuno Shinya; Okada Yukihiko
    Proceedings of NOLTA 2019, December, Malaysia/pp.21-24, 2019-12
  • An applicability of the SPLISS model to national sport organisation
    Kohei Funasaki; Yoshio Takahashi; Yukihiko Okada
    Proceedings of Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand/p.31, 2019-12
  • Empirical Analysis about the Cause and Effect of Service Target Costing Ability in Japan
    岡田 幸彦; 山矢 和樹
    會計/196(4)/pp.417-431, 2019-10
  • Consumer Experience as Suppliers on Value Co-Creation Behavior
    Ho Bach Q.; Murae Yuna; Hara Tatsunori; Okada Yukihiko
    Journal of Serviceology/4(1)/pp.1-7, 2019-10
  • Sensor network to measure MAAI on value co-creation process: feasibility study of MAAI optimization on customer service
    Arai Taiga; Chida Yusuke; Okada Yukihiko; Zempo Keiichi
    In Proceedings of the 2019 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing and Proceedings of the 2019 ACM International Symposium on Wearable Computers (UbiComp/ISWC '19)/pp.1-4, 2019-09
  • The Effect of Asset Deterioration Information on Budgetary Request : Survey Experiment for Local Government Officers
    生方裕一; 黒木淳; 岡田 幸彦
    Accounting progress/20/pp.47-61, 2019-09
  • Effects of Customer’s Actorship in the Service System: Evidence from Home Delivery Service in Japan
    Nakai Akie; Q.Ho Bach; Hara Tatsunori; Okada Yukihiko
    Proceedings of 10th International Research Symposium in Service Management, Dubai/pp.1-11, 2019-08
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