Cai Dongsheng

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  • Emotion of Colors: Synesthetic Cross-Modal Key Modulation (StudioTalks Proceedings(DVD))
    Cai Dongsheng; Nobuyoshi Asai; Noriko Nagata
    International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques,(SIGGRAPH2014), 2014-08
  • Dynamics of the cusp within a selfconsistent global 3D PIC simulation approach (DVD)(Solicited and Invited)
    Cai Dongsheng
    31st Union Rado Scientifique Internationale (URSI) General Assembly and Scientific Symposium, 2014-08
  • 3D Global Simulation of Magnetosphere (DVD)(Solicited and Invited)
    Cai Dongsheng; Bertrand Lembege; Ken-ichi Nishikawa
    The Third International Conference on Storms, Substorms, and Space Weather (ICSSSW), 2013-11
  • Amplification of Weibel instability in the relativistic beam-plasma interactions due to ion streaming
    Ardaneh Kazem; Cai Dongsheng; Nishikawa Ken-Ichi
    New Astronomy/33/pp.1-6, 2014-11
  • Cross-modal mapping by sound-color synesthesia consistent test
    蔡 東生; 丁 策立
    IPSJ SIG Notes/2013-CG-150(4)/pp.1-8, 2013-02
  • Kinetic equilibria of plasma shear layers and beams (共著)
    Storey; L. R. O.; and D. Cai; +蔡 東生
    Proceedings of the 12th Conference of Numerical Simulation of Plasmas/p.CW7・1-7・5, 1987-01
  • ELF oscillations associated with electron beam injections from the space shuttle (共著)
    Cai; D.; T. Neubert; L. R. O. Storey; P. M. Banks; S. Sasa...
    J. Geophys. Res (Impact Factor = 2.953)/92(A11)/p.1254-12457, 1987-01
  • Kinetic equilibria of plasma shear layers
    Cai; D.; L. R. O. Storey; and T. Neubert; ; +蔡 東生
    Phys. Fluids (Impact Factor =2.325 )/B2(1)/p.1033-1046, 1990-01
  • Particle loadings of a plasma shear layer across a magnetic field
    Cai D.
    Proceedings of the 4th International School for Space Simulation/p.109-112, 1991-01
  • Derivation of the K-dV Equation for Ion Acoustic Wave without using Reduction Perturbation Method
    蔡東生; 青柳
    核融合研究/67/p.6, 1992-01
  • Formation and Stability of Polarization sheats of a cross-field beam
    Cai; D.; and O. Buneman; ; +蔡 東生
    Phys. Fluids B (Impact Factor = 2.325)/B4/p.4, 1992-01
  • Fractal Dimension and Convergence Property of Recursively Generated Symplectic Integrators (共著)
    Itoh; T.; and D. Cai; ; +蔡 東生
    Phys. Letter.(Impact Factor = 1.711)/A171(3-4)/p.189-198, 1992-01
  • The numerical computation of zeros of Bessel function Jν(z) regarded as a function of ν for any given real of complex z (共著)
    Ikebe; Y.; N. Asai; Y. Miyazaki; D. Cai; and I. Fujishiro
    Proceedings of 15th Biennial Conference of Numerical Anaylsis/p.20-21, 1993-01
  • 非負実数階第一種ベッセル関数の零点計算アルゴリズム
    菊池靖; 浅井信吉; 宮崎佳典; 蔡東生; 藤代一成; 池辺八洲彦
    応用数理学会論文誌(Impact Factor = 0.302)/3(4)/p.425-437, 1993-01
  • Parametric excitation of computational mode of the leapfrog scheme applied to the Van der Pol equation (共著)
    Cai; D.; A. Aoyagi; and K. Abe; ; +蔡 東生
    J. Comput. Phys.(Impact Factor = 2.372)/107(1)/p.146-151, 1993-01
  • Particle simulation of the kinetic Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in a magnetoplasma
    Cai; D.; L. R. O. Storey; and T. Itoh; ; +蔡 東生
    Phys. Fluids(Impact Factor =2.325 )/B5(10)/p.3507-3523, 1993-01
  • Particle loading for a plasma shear layer in a magnetic field
    Cai; D.; L. R. O. Storey; and T. Neubert; ; +蔡 東生
    J. Comput. Phys.(Impact Factor = 2.372)/107(1)/p.84-97, 1993-01
  • Data paralleization of particle-in-cell code
    Cai; D.; N. Asai; Y. Miyazaki; Y. Ikebe; and T. Itoh; ; +蔡 東生
    Proceedings of Joint Symposium on Parallel Processing 1994/p.265-270, 1994-01
  • L-reps : a drafting-oriented approach to unambiguous and precise design of 3d mechanical products
    Takayama; T.; I. Fujishiro; Y. Ikebe; and D. Cai; ; +蔡 東生
    Proceedings of 6th International Conference on Engineering Computer Graphics and Descriptive Geometry/p.177-181, 1994-01
  • Symplectic integrable mapping and discrete Painleve equations
    Itoh; T.; and D. Cai; ; +蔡 東生
    Phys. Lett. A(Impact Factor = 1.711)/189/p.19-24, 1994-01
  • Fractal image compression using locally refined partitions
    Cai; D.; T. Arisawa; N. Asai; Y. Ikebe; and T. Itoh; ; +蔡 東生
    Fractals(Impact Factor = 0.532)/2(3)/p.405-408, 1994-01
  • Infintie matrices and special functions (Solicited and Invited).
    Ikebe; Y.; N. Asai; Y. Miyazaki; and D. Cai; ; +蔡 東生
    Proceedings of the International Workshop on Inverse Problems with Applications to Geophysics, Industry, Medicine and Technology/p.100-105, 1995-01
  • A data-parallel particle-in-cell code using a scan-vector model(electrically displayed at /cai/SC95/SC95.html),
    Cai D.
    Supercomputing '95 final program/p.168, 1995-01
  • A skelton data-parallel particle-in-cell code using HPF/MPI
    蔡 東生
    Supercomputing '96 final program/p.119, 1996-01
  • 行列算法によるzJ'ν(z)+HJν(z)=0の数値解法 (共著)
    浅井信吉; 宮崎佳典; 蔡東生; 平沢一紘; 池辺八洲彦
    電子情報通信学会論文誌(Impact Factor = 0.508)/J79-A(7)/p.1256-1265, 1996-01
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