Kitahara Itaru

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  • バドミントン競技特有の最大下定量負荷試験の検討:バドミントン競技映像分析システムの実用化に向けて
    吹田 真士; 宍戸英彦; 北原格
    いばらき健康・スポーツ科学,35,85-88,2019, 2019-03
  • Development of Multi-View Video Browsing Interface Specialized for Developmental Child Training
    Kitamura Nobuyuki; Shishido Hidehiko; Kameda Yoshinari; E...
    Proceedings of Asia Pacific Workshop on Mixed and Augmented Reality (APMAR2019), 2019-03
  • Development of 3D rock fragmentation measurement system using photogrammetry
    Jang Hyongdoo; Kitahara Itaru; Kawamura Youhei; Endo ...
  • 視覚教示による学習支援のための大規模床面投影システム
    謝 淳; 高橋一誠; 大木美加; ブローバティスト; 北原 格; 鈴木健嗣
    電子情報通信学会和文論文誌A/J102-A(2)/pp.68-79, 2019-02
  • Swimmer Position Estimation by Lane Rectification
    Tsumita Takayuki; Shishido Hidehiko; Kitahara Itaru; Kame...
    Proceedings of The 2019 Joint International Workshop on Advanced Image Technology, 2019-01
  • A Method to Collect Multi-view Images of High Importance Using Disaster Map and Crowdsourcing
    Kobayashi Koyo; Shishido Hidehiko; Kameda Yoshinari; Kita...
    Proceedings of The Second IEEE Workshop on Human-in-the-loop Methods and Human Machine Collaboration in BigData (IEEE HMData2018), 2018-12
  • A Calibration Method of Floor Projection System for Learning Aids at School Gym
    Xie Chun; Shishido Hidehiko; Oki Mika; Kameda Yoshinari; ...
    Proceedings of 3rd IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, Applications and Systems (IPAS 2018), 2018-12
  • An Empathic Design Approach to an Augmented Gymnasium in a Special Needs School Setting
    Takahashi Issey; Oki Mika; Bourreau Baptiste; Kitahara...
    INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DESIGN/12(3)/pp.111-125, 2018-12
  • A Virtual Reality System Simulating Being on Board an Autonomous Vehicle to Investigate the Effect of an AR Display on Passenger Comfort
    Sakamura Yuki; Tomita Akitoshi; Shishido Hidehiko; Mizuta...
    Proceedings of International Workshop on Comfort Intelligence with AR for Autonomous Vehicle, 2018-10
  • Generation Method for Immersive Bullet-Time Video Using an Omnidirectional Camera in VR Platform
    Takeuchi Oto; Shishido Hidehiko; Kameda Yoshinari; Kim H...
    Proceedings of ACM MM2018 Workshop on Audio-Visual Scene Understanding for Immersive Multimedia/pp.19-26, 2018-10
  • An On-site Visual Feedback Method Using Bullet-Time Video
    Nagai Takasuke; Shishido Hidehiko; Kameda Yoshinari; Kita...
    Proceedings of ACM MM2018 First International Workshop on Multimedia Content Analysis in Sports/pp.39-44, 2018-10
  • JST CREST CyborgCrowd Project,
    Morishima Atsuyuki; Tajima Keishi; Kitahara Itaru; Inoguc...
    Project Networking Workshop at the sixth AAAI Conference on Human Computation and Crowdsourcing(HCOMP 2018), 2018-07
  • Xth Person View Video for Observation from Diverse Perspectives
    Shimura Naoki; Shishido Hidehiko; Kameda Yoshinari; Suzuk...
    7th International Conference on Informatics, Electronics & Vision (ICIEV), 2018-06
  • Reduction of anxiety for an autonomous vehicle by augmented visual information
    水浪 田鶴; 坂村 祐希; 富田 瑛智; 井上 和哉; 北原 格; 原田 悦子
    The Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association/82/pp.3EV-056-3EV-056, 2018
  • On-site Visual Feedback System with Multi-View Video Contents
    永井 隆昌; 宍戸 英彦; 亀田 能成; 北原 格
    Eizo Joho Media Gakkaishi/72(9)/pp.J119-J124, 2018
  • Realization of a full-body immersive VR system for READ-THE-GAME skill development
    Ferrer Cesar Daniel Rojas; Shishido Hidehiko; Kitahara I...
    The 2nd Asia-Pacific Workshop on Mixed and Augmented Reality (APMAR), 2018-04
  • Bullet-Time Book: Augmentation of Visual Information in Figures by Bullet-Time Video Display
    Yi Qiu Xin; Shishido Hidehiko; Kameda Yoshinari; Kitahara...
    The 2nd Asia-Pacific Workshop on Mixed and Augmented Reality (APMAR), 2018-04
  • A Calibration Method for Large-Scale Projection Based Floor Display System
    Xie Chun; Shishido Hidehiko; Kameda Yoshinari; Suzuki Ke...
    The 25th IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (IEEE VR 2018), 2018-03
  • FUTUREGYM: A gymnasium with interactive floor projection for children with special needs
    Takahashi Issey; Oki Mika; Bourreau Baptiste; Kitahara I...
    International Journal of Child-Computer Interaction, 2017-12
  • Method to Generate Disaster-Damage Map using 3D photometry and Crowd Sourcing
    Kobayashi Koyo; Shishido Hidehiko; Kameda Yoshinari; Kita...
    The First IEEE Workshop on Human-Machine Collaboration in BigData (HMData2017)/pp.4397-4399, 2017-12
  • Proactive Preservation of World Heritage by Crowdsourcing and 3D Reconstruction Technology
    Shishido Hidehiko; Ito Yutaka; Kawamura Youhei; Matsui T...
    Proc. of 2017 IEEE International Conference on BigData/pp.4426-4428, 2017-12
  • Calibration Method for Sparse Multi-view Cameras by Bridging with a Mobile Camera
    Shishido Hidehiko; Kitahara Itaru
    2017 Seventh International Conference on Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications (IPTA2017), 2017-11
  • Development of Auto Scaling Method for 3D Rock Fragmentation Measurement System
    Kawamura Yohei; HyongDoo Jang; Kitahara Itaru; Tabata Kou...
    ICEB 2017 (Joint conference of blustering/pp.327-333, 2017-10
  • Pseudo-Dolly-In Video Generation Combining 3D Modeling and Image Reconstruction
    Shishido Hidehiko; Yamanaka Kazuki; Kameda Yoshinari; Kit...
    ISMAR 2017 Workshop on 13th: Workshop on Highly Diverse Cameras and Displays for Mixed and Augmented Reality (HDCD4MAR2017)/pp.327-333, 2017-10
  • Comparison of Rock Fragmentation Measurement Systems with 3D System using Photogrammetry Technology
    Kitahara Itaru; Kawamura Youhei; Topal Erkan; Endo Yasun...
    The 2017 World Congress on Advances in Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 2017-08
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