Yamanaka Tsutomu

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  • Spatiotemporal Variations in Deuterium Excess of Precipitation over the Japanese Alps Region
    脇山義史; 牧野裕紀; 山中 勤; 鈴木啓助
    J. Geogr./122(4)/pp.666-681, 2013-08
  • A preliminary analysis of the formation of travertine and travertine cones in the Jifei hot spring, Yunnan, China
    Yamanaka Tsutomu
    Environmental Earth Sciences/66/pp.1887-1896, 2012-08
  • Causes of decreased reference evapotranspiration and pan evaporation in the Jinghe River catchment, northern China.
    Wang; P.; T. Yamanaka; G.Y. Qiu
    Environmentalist/32/pp.1-10, 2012-04
  • Validation of the soil moisture measurement algorithm of AMSR-E.
    Kaihotsu; I.; T. Koike; H. Fujii; T. Yamanaka; O. Dambarav...
    Remote Sensing and Hydrology/(352)/pp.38-41, 2012-09
  • Tracing groundwater recharge sources in a mountain-plain transitional area using stable isotopes and hydrochemistry
    Liu; Y.; T. Yamanaka
    Journal of Hydrology/464-465/pp.116-126, 2012-09
  • Application of a two-source model for partitioning evapotranspiration and assessing its controls in temperate grasslands in central Japan.
    Wang Pei; T. Yamanaka
    Ecohydrology/7(2)/pp.345-353, 2014-04
  • 水の酸素・水素安定同位体を用いた地球水循環研究の今後の展望
    檜山哲哉・阿部 理・栗田直幸・藤田耕史・池田健一・橋本重将; 辻村 真貴; 山中 勤
    水文・水資源学会誌/21(2)/p.158-176, 2008-01
  • Evaporation from bare soil surface and some related phenomena -Reviews of previous studies and some comments on the future research-
    檜山哲哉; 山中 勤; 嶋田 純; 古藤田一雄
    Journal of Japanese Association of Hydrological Sciences/23(4)/p.155-168, 1993-01
  • Beharior of the water vapor in the Sandy Soil during the bare Soil evaporation(jointly worked)
    山中 勤; 檜山哲哉; 嶋田 純
    Journal of Japanese Association of Hydrological Sciences/24(1)/p.31-46, 1994-01
  • The evaluation of the catchment area by using water balance variation for different rainfall events at Shishitsuka Oike, Tsuchiura City
    山中 勤・嶋田 純・田瀬則雄
    Bulletin of the Environmental Reseach Center, the University of Tsukuba/(21)/p.1-10, 1996-01
  • A modified surface-resistance approach for representing bare-soil evaporation : Wind tunnel experiments under various atmospheric conditions
    Yamanaka; T.; A. Takeda; and F. Sugita; +山中 勤
    Water Resources Research/33(9)/p.2117-2128, 1997-01
  • Simple but reliable method to extract soil water for stable isotope analysis
    山中 勤・嶋田 純
    Journal of Japan Society of Hydrology & Water Resources/10(2)/p.181-184, 1997-01
  • Evaporation beneath the soil surface : Some observational evidence and numerical experimeuts
    Yamanaka; T.; A. Takeda; and J. Shimada; +山中 勤
    Hydrological Prcesses/12/p.2193-2203, 1998-01
  • A wind tunnel investigation of roughness properties over non-homogeneous rough surfaces
    Sugita; F.; T. Kishii; Y. Kuzuha; and T. Yamanaka; +山中 勤
    Hydrological Processes/12/p.2149-2161, 1998-01
  • Dynamics of the evaporation zone in dry sandy soils
    Yamanaka; T.; T. Yonetani; +山中 勤
    Journal of Hydrology/217/p.135-148, 1999-01
  • Testing an energy balance model for the simultaneous estimation of actual evaporation and soil moisture conditions
    Yamanaka T.
    Journal of Groundwater Hydrology/42/p.47-60, 2000-01
  • 関東平野における暖候期のイベント降水同位体組成の時空間変動
    山中 勤・嶋田 純・宮岡邦任
    日本水文科学会誌/31/p.123-133, 2001-01
  • Footprint analysis using event-based isotope data for identifying source area of precipitated water
    Yamanaka; T.; J. Shimada; and K. Miyaoka; +山中 勤
    Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmosphere/107(D22)/p.4624, doi10.1029/2001JD0, 2002-01
  • TDRによる土壌水分量測定値の温度依存性とその原位置測定データに基づく補正
    山中 勤・開發一郎・ウウィンバータル・ダムバラヴィア
    水文・水資源学会誌/16/p.246-254, 2003-01
  • Seasonal valiation in oxygen isotope composition of waters for a montane larch forest in Mongolia
    Li; S-G; M. Tsujimura; A. Sugimoto; L. Sasaki; T. Yamanaka...
    Trees/20/p.122-130, 2006-01
  • Fresh groundwater contributions to the nutrient dynamics at shallow subtidal areas adjacent to a mega city, Bangkok
    Umezawa Y.; T. Ishitobi; S. Rungsupa; S. Onodera; T. Yam...
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  • Characteristics and controlling factors of regional-scale surface soil moisture variability over semi-arid grassland in Mongolia
    Yamanaka; T.; I. Kaihotsu; D. Oyunbaatar; and T. Ganbold; +...
    Journal of Meteorological Society of Japan/85A/p.261-270, 2007-01
  • Mixing analysis of groundwater recharge source for better watershed management
    Yamanaka; T.; and H. Wakui; +山中 勤
    Proceedings of International Workshop on Integrated Watershed Management for Sustainable Water Use in a Humid Tropical Region. Bull. TERC, Univ. of Tsukuba/(8-2)/p.75-78, 2008-02
  • Tracing deep groundwater underneath the Bangkok metropolitan area
    Yamanaka; T.; J. Shimada; M. Tsujimura; +山中 勤
    Research Institute for Humanity and Nature Project 2-4 “Human Impacts on Urban Subsurface Environments” Progress Report 2007 (Taniguchi, M. ed.)/p.42-45, 2008-02
  • Validation of soil moisture estimation by AMSR-E in the Mongolian Plateau
    Kaihotsu; I.; T. Koike; T. Yamanaka; H. Fujii; T. Ohta; K. ...
    Journal of the Remote Sensing Society of Japan/29/p.271-281, 2009-01
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