Kurosawa Masanori

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Conference, etc.
  • Mineralogical study of pottery from Tappeh Sange-e Chakhmaq
    Kurosawa Masanori
    The first Farming Village in Northeast Iran and Turan: Tappeh Sange-e Chakhmaq and Beyond/2014-02-10--2014-02-11
  • イラン新石器時代タペ・サンギチャハマック遺跡の土器の焼成組織と焼成鉱物
    黒澤 正紀; 常木晃
  • 丹沢花崗岩体の流体包有物の微量元素組成
    黒澤 正紀; 笹公和; 石井聡
  • Nominally anhydrous minerals as a water reservoir in the mantle
  • Melting of hydrous pyrolite under the high pressure conditions
    黒澤正紀; 伊藤英司