HONDA Masanao

Researcher's full information

  • Molecular perspective for oscine phylogeny, with special reference to the inter-familial systematic hypotheses
    Honda; M.; and Yamagishi; S.; +本多 正尚
    Japanese Journal of Ornithology/489(2)/p.175-184, 2000-01
  • Phylogenetic relationships, character evolution and biogeography of the subfamily Lygosominae (Reptilia: Scincidae) inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequences
    Honda; M.; Ota; H.; Kobayashi; M.; Nabhitabhata; J.; Yong; H.-S.; a...
    Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution/15(3)/p.452-461, 2000-01
  • Phylogenetic position of Draco fimbriatus, with a molecular perspective on the historical biogeography of the genus Draco (Reptilia: Agamidae)
    Honda; M.; Ota; H.; Sengoku; S.; and Hikida; T.; +本多 正尚
    Current Herpetology/19(2)/p.43-55, 2000-01