Kohroki Katsuhisa

Researcher's full information

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  • Convertible term forest insurance
    興梠 克久
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    Kohroki Katsuhisa
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    Kohroki Katsuhisa
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  • 1. Composition of Japan's Main Timber Production Areas and Structural Change in the Roundwood Supply Chain : A Case Study of Imari Log and Lumber Yard Co., Ltd.(Post-millenium Composition of Japan's Main Timber Production Areas,2014 Symposium of the Eastern Japanese Forest Economic Research Society)
    興梠 克久
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    興梠 克久
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    興梠 克久
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  • Woody Biomass Utilization by Forestry Households in Japan
    興梠 克久; 大内 環; 垂水 亜紀; 北原 文章
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  • Current situation of forestry service entities from 2010 Census of Agriculture and Forestry
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