Adachi Yasuhisa

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  • Effect of concentration ratio of Polyacrylic Acid and Cationic Flocculant on the Flocculation of Negatively Charged Polystyrene Latex
    Voon Huey Lim; Yen Thi Hai DOAN; Yuji Yamashita; Yasuhisa...
    2018 Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry, CSJ/2018-09-18--2018-09-20
  • Inhibition of polycation-induced colloid flocculation by polyacrylic acid: Effects of concentration ratio and ionic strength
    Voon Huey Lim; 山下祐司; Doan Yen Thi Hai; 足立泰久
  • Flocculation and sedimentation of imogolite-humic acids complex
    野宮高由; 山下祐司; 足立泰久
  • コロイド粒子凝集速度に基づく撹拌強度評価と高分子添加の最適化
    足立 泰久
  • Effect of coexistence of anionic polymer on the Brownian aggregation of colloidal particles by using cationic polyelectrolyte
    田中 脩磨; 山下 祐司; 足立 泰久
    2018 Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry, CSJ/2018-09-18--2018-09-20
  • Flocculation and dispersion of imogolite-humic acids complex
    野宮 高由; 山下 祐司; 足立 泰久
    Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Rural Engineering in 2018/2018-09-04--2018-09-06
  • Influences of Polyacrylic Acid on the Flocculation of Negatively Charged Polystyrene Latex with Cationic Polyelectrolytes
    Huey Lim Voon; Hai Doan Yen Thi; Yuji Yamashita; Adachi ...
  • Effects of charge density of polyelectrolyte chain on the kinetics of adsorption onto colloidal particles
    Zhuang Yiran; Adachi Yasuhisa
  • Na-モンモリロナイトフロックの強度に及ぼす電解質濃度の影響
    Chuan Di; 足立 泰久
  • Mixing Intensity on the Basis of Collision between Colloidal Particles and its Application to the Analysis of Flocculation Dynamics with Polyelectrolyte
    Oktaviani; Adachi Yasuhisa
    The 7th Asian Conference on Colloid & Interface Science 2017/2017-8-8--2017-8-11
  • Sedimentation of Flocculated Suspension of Clay Sheet in the Semi-dilute Regime
    足立 泰久; Argo Yanuar; Wu Mingyu; Ghazali Ezral
  • アインシュタインに始まるコロイド流体物性論
    足立 泰久
  • 凝集したNa型モンモリロナイト懸濁液の準希薄状態におけるGel-Collapse前保持時間
    足立 泰久
  • コロイド粒子凝集速度に基づく撹拌強度評価と高分子添加の最適化
    足立 泰久; Oktaviani
  • 高分子被覆によるコロイド粒子の静電遮蔽
    足立 泰久; Wu Yunxiao; 小林幹佳
  • 今後振興会事業に対し学会として取り組むべきこと
    足立 泰久
  • Effects of Ionic Strength and Mixing Intensity on the Formation Process of Flocs of PSL Particles with Cationic Polyelectrolyte
    The 7th Asian Conference on Colloid & Interface Science 2017/2017-8-8--2017-8-11
  • Adsorptive removal of ammonium ion from aqueous solution using surfactant-modified alumina
    Pham Tien Duc; Do Thi Trang; Ha Van Lau; Doan Thi Hai...
    9th International Conference on Interfaces Against Pollution (IAP) - Environmental Challenges and Opportunities/2016-09-04--2016-09-07
  • 多孔質体フロックおよび高分子電解質を吸着するコロイド粒子の沈降、拡散、電気泳動
    足立 泰久
    14-1高分子と水・分離に関する研究会 2014年度界面動電現象研究会/2015-03-06
  • Flocculation dynamics of PSL particles with polyelectrolytes -Bridging vs. charge neutralization-
    Adachi Yasuhisa; Lili Feng
    Tsukuba Global Science Week 2014/2014-09-28--2014-09-30
  • 農業に関わった化学物理の古典変遷とナノ粒子界面を使って考える生物環境流体物性論
    足立 泰久
  • Effects of ionic strength on the dynamics of polymer flocculation
    足立 泰久
  • 電気泳動移動度およびコロイド安定性に及ぼす高分子電解質鎖の荷電密度
    足立 泰久; Lili Feng
  • Colloidal flocculation of PSL particle induced by an adsorption of polyelectrolyte studeid in relatively concentrated suspension
    Adachi Yasuhisa; Lili Feng
  • Effect of Charge Density of Polyelectolyte Chain on the Electrophpresis and Stability of PSL Particles Coated with Poiy-Cation
    Adachi Yasuhisa; Lili Feng
    ELKIN 2014/2014-05-20--2014-05-23
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