Matsumoto Hiroshi

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  • Involvement of heme synthesis in the growth stimulation of maize seedlings by 5-aminolevulinic acid
    Yonezawa Tomoki; Sunohara Yukari; Matsumoto Hiroshi
    WEED BIOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT/15(1)/pp.53-60, 2015-03
  • Behavior of radioactive substances released from the nuclear plant accident in the terrestrial environment(Science Saloon)
    松本 宏
    Regulation of Plant Growth & Development/49(2)/pp.149-152, 2014-12
  • クミンから発生する揮発性物質クミンアルデヒドの生育抑制活性と活性酸素発生の検討
    中野香; 春原由香里; 松山茂; 松本 宏
    Journal of Weed Science and Technology. Supplement/59(別号)/p.35, 2014-03
  • Physiological mechanisms of thifensulfuron-methyl resistance in Alopecurus aequalis
    Wang Jianyang; Sunohara Yukari; Matsumoto Hiroshi
    Journal of Weed Science and Technology. Supplement/59(別号)/p.140, 2014-03
  • Screening and identification of phytotoxic volatile compounds in medicinal plants, and characterizations of a selected compound, eucarvone.
    Matsumoto Hiroshi
    Protoplasma, 2014-12
  • Occurrence of sulfonylurea resistances in Sagittaria trifolia, a basal monocot species, based on target-site and non-target-site resistance
    Iwakami S.; Watanabe H.; Miura Tom; Matsumoto Hiroshi; Uchino A.
    Weed Biology and Management/14(1)/pp.43-49, 2014-03
  • 水稲用除草剤ピラクロニルによるノビエでのプロトポルフィリンIXの蓄積と光酸化障害の発現
    高橋勝弘; 松本 宏
    雑草研究/58(別号)/p.146, 2013-04
  • L-DOPA inhibited the root growth of lettuce by inducing reactive oxygen species generation
    Mushtaq Muhammad Naeem; Sunohara Yukari; Matsumoto Hir...
    WEED BIOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT/13(4)/pp.129-134, 2013-12
  • 日本学術会議公開シンポジウム「食料生産から生物多様性を考える」(シンポジア)
    松本 宏
    Journal of pesticide science/36(4)/pp.563-565, 2011-11
  • Allelochemical L-DOPA induces quinoprotein adducts and inhibits NADH dehydrogenase activity and root growth of cucumber
    Mushtaq M. N; Sunohara Yukari; Matsumoto Hiroshi
    Plant Physiology and Biochemistry/70/pp.374-378, 2013-09
  • Role of metabolism in the selectivity of a novel herbicide, pyroxasulfone between wheat and rigid ryegrass seedlings
    Tanetani Yoshitaka; Ikeda M.; Kaku K.; Shimizu T.; Matsumoto ...
    Journal of Pesticide Science/38(3-4)/pp.152-156, 2013-08
  • Concentration of radioisotopes in mushrooms and lichens collected in University of Tsukuba, Japan.
    HOSAKA Kentaro; OHMURA Yoshihito; KASUYA Taiga; MATSUMOTO Hi...
    Asian Mycological Congress 2011 with 12th International Marine and Freshwater Mycology Symposium Abstracts, 2011-08
  • Phytotoxic action mechanisms of non-protein aromatic amino acids(Plenary Lectures,1^ China-Japan-Korea Workshop on Pesticide Science)
    松本 宏
    Journal of pesticide science/35(2)/pp.184-185, 2010-05
  • Bioactive L-DOPA induced quinoprotein formation to inhibit root growth of cucumber seedlings
    Mushtaq Muhammad Naeem; Sunohara Yukari; Matsumoto Hiroshi
    JOURNAL OF PESTICIDE SCIENCE/38(1-2)/pp.68-73, 2013-05
  • Keynote address
    松本 宏
    Journal of pesticide science/33(4)/p.416, 2008-11
  • Isolation of ambiguine D isonitrile from Hapalosiphon sp. and characterization of its phytotoxic activity
    Intira Koodkaew; Yukari Sunohara; Shigeru Matsuyama; Hiro...
    PLANT GROWTH REGULATION/68(2)/pp.141-150, 2012-11
  • Phytotoxic action mechanism of hapalocyclamide in lettuce seedlings
    Koodkaew Intira; Sunohara Yukari; Matsuyama Shigeru; Matsumo...
  • Identification of proteins that respond to oxaziclomefone in rice
    八戸 真弓; 小松 節子; 松本 宏
    講演要旨集/33(0)/p.117, 2008-03
  • Modes of action of herbicides inducing photooxidative injury in plants
    Matsumoto H.
    *EMPTY*/p.64-69, 2008-01
  • Mutation of alpha-tubulin genes in trifluralin-resistant water foxtail (Alopecurus aequalis)
    Hashim Saima; Jan Asad; Sunohara Yukari; Hachinohe Mayum...
    PEST MANAGEMENT SCIENCE/68(3)/pp.422-429, 2012-03
  • Hapalocyclamide: a novel phytotoxic hexapeptide of the cyanobacterium Hapalosiphon sp.
    Koodkaew I.; Matsuyama S.; Sunohara Y.; Matsumoto H.
    Tetrahedron Letters/53(8)/pp.977-979, 2012-02
  • Current and Future R&D Activities in Agrochemical Area in Korea and Japan (Herbicides)
    松本 宏
    Journal of pesticide science/32(supple)/pp.154-155, 2007-10
  • Characterization of calnexin in soybean roots and hypocotyls under osmotic stress
    Nouri Mohammad-Zaman; Hiraga Susumu; Yanagawa Yuki; Sunoh...
    PHYTOCHEMISTRY/74/pp.20-29, 2012-02
  • Hunger and Malnutrition amidst Plenty : What must be done?
    PANDY Shivaji; 松本 宏
    Journal of pesticide science/32(Supple)/pp.10-12, 2007-10
  • Hapalocyclamide: a novel phytotoxic hexapeptide of the cyanobacterium Hapalosiphon sp.
    Koodkaew Intira; Matsuyama Shigeru; Sunohara Yukari; Matsumo...
    TETRAHEDRON LETTERS/53(8)/pp.977-979, 2012-02
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