Nomura Nakao

Researcher's full information

  • Detection of telomerase activity in tissues and primary cultured lymphoid cells of Penaeus japonicus
    Lang GH; Wang Y; Nomura N; Matsumura M
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  • Comparative analysis of bacterial diversity in freshwater sediment of a shallow eutrophic lake by molecular and improved cultivation-based techniques
    Tamaki H; Sekiguchi Y; Hanada S; Nakamura K; Nomura N; Ma...
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  • The relationship between cell cycle and HBs-MAb production by immobilized hybridoma cells
    佐藤 隆司; 野村 名可男; 王 碧昭; 松村 正利
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  • Production of human growth hormone by protein-free cultination of anchorage-dependent cells with porous cellulose carrier
    王 碧昭; 野村 名可男
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  • Operatiing and scale-up factors for the electrolytic removal of algae from eutrophied lakewater.
    野村 名可男
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  • 「超音波を用いた底泥測定探査(~底泥測定探査の新しい流れ~)」
    野村 名可男
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  • 「密度流拡散方式による閉鎖性水域の浄化技術」,
    野村 名可男
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  • Oxidative Degradation and Detoxification of Chlorpyrifos by Ultrasonic and Ozone Treatments
    野村 名可男
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  • Temperature Control System in Closed House for Broilers Based on ANFIS
    野村 名可男
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  • Effect of Frequency and Sonication Time of Ultrasonic Irradiation in Combination with Ozone on Postharvest Chlorpyrifos Residue Reduction in Fresh Bird Chilli (Capsicum frutescens Linn.) Fruits
    野村 名可男
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  • A Supervisory Control System for Temperature and Humidity in a Closed House Model for Broilers
    野村 名可男
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  • Biotechnological Approaches for Practical Use of Biodiesel and Utilization of its By-products
    野村 名可男
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    野村 名可男
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    野村 名可男
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  • Comparative Analysis of Bacterial Diversity in Freshwater Sediment of a Shallow Eutrophic Lake by Molecular and Improved Cultivation-Based Techniques
    野村 名可男
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  • Strategies for alkalinity and pH control for ozonated shrimp pond water
    野村 名可男
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  • Detection of Telomerase Activity in Tissues and Primary Cultured Lymphoid Cells of Penaeus japonicus,
    野村 名可男
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  • A novel device to monitor bottom soil of water basin using ultrasound technology.
    野村 名可男
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  • Flavobacterium limicola sp. nov., a Psychrophilic, Organic Polymers-Degrading Bacterium Isolated from Freshwater Sediments.
    野村 名可男
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  • Application of density current generator for large scale improvement of sediment quality in Lake Kasumigaura.
    野村 名可男
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  • The Use of Green Tea Powder and Green Tea Polyphenols for Treatment of Vibrio-infected Shrimp Culture Water.
    野村 名可男
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  • Effects of in situ ozonation on water qualities, Vibrio and phytoplankton in intensive shrimp grow-out ponds
    野村 名可男
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  • Penaeid (Penaeus japonicus) lymphoid cells replicate by cell division in vitro.
    Lang Gang-Hua; Nomura Nakao; Wang Bi-Zhao; Matsumura Mas...
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  • Application of green tea extract in shrimp aquaculture.
    野村 名可男
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  • Shrimp disease disinfection and phytoplankton control in intensive shrimp pond water by electro-oxidation process.
    野村 名可男
    Fisheries Science/68(I)/p.981-982, 2002-01
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