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  • Evaluation of genetic diversity of bread wheat landraces from Pakistan by AFLP and implications for a future collection strategy
    R.Hirano; A.Kikuchi; M.Kawase; K.Watanabe
    Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution/55(7)/p.1007-1015, 2008-11
  • Relationships of Zingiber Species, and Genetic Variability Assessment in Ginger (Zingiber Officinale) Accessions From Ex situ Genebank, On-farm and Rural Markets
    Shakeel Ahmad Jatoi; Akira Kikuchi; Makiko Mimura; San-Sa...
    Breeding science/58(3)/p.261-270, 2008-09
  • Relationships of Zingiber species, and genetic variability assessment in ginger (Zingiber officinale) accessions from ex-situ genebank, on-farm and rural markets
    Jatoi Shakeel Ahmad; Kikuchi Akira; Mimura Makiko; San-Sa...
    BREEDING SCIENCE/58(3)/pp.261-270, 2008-09
  • The Arabidopsis histone deacetylases HDA6 and HDA19 contribute to the repression of embryonic properties after germination
    Tanaka Motoki; Kikuchi Akira; Kamada Hiroshi
    PLANT PHYSIOLOGY/146(1)/pp.149-161, 2008-01
  • Impact of Environmental Stress-Tolerant Transgenic Potato on Genotypic Diversity of Microbial Communities and Soil Enzyme Activities under Stress Conditions
    Mimura Makiko; Lelmen Kipkorir E.; Shimazako Takayoshi; K...
    日本微生物生態学会/23(3)/pp.221-228, 2008-01
  • Recent progress on environmental biosafety assessment of genetically modified trees and floricultural plants in Japan
    Kikuchi Akira; Watanabe Kazuo; Tanaka Yoshikazu; Kamada ...
    PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY/25(1)/pp.9-15, 2008-01
  • Sugar signaling is involved in histone deacetylase-mediated repression of embryonic characteristics after germination
    Tanaka Motoki; Kikuchi Akira; Kamada Hiroshi
    PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY/25(4)/pp.335-340, 2008-01
  • Molecular analysis of the genome segments S1, S4, S6, S7 and S12 of a Rice gall dwarf virus isolate from Thailand; completion of the genomic sequence
    Yusuke Moriyasu; Wakako Maruyama-Funatsuki; Akira Kikuch...
    Archives of Virology/152(7)/p.1315-1322, 2007-07
  • Arabidopsis rd29A::DREB1A Enhances Freezing Tolerance in Transgenic Potato
    B.Behnam; A.Kikuchi; F.Celebi-Toprak; M.Kasuga; K.Yamaguchi-S...
    Plant Cell Reports/26(8)/pp.1275-1282, 2007-01
  • The Spread of Rice Dwarf Virus among Cells of Its Insect Vector Exploits Virus-Induced Tubular Structures
    Taiyun Wei; Akira Kikuchi; Yusuke Moriyasu; Nobuhiro Suz...
    Journal of Virology/80(17)/p.8593-8602, 2006-09
  • Pns4 of Rice dwarf virus is a phosphoprotein, localized around the viroplasm matrix and forms minitubules
    Taiyun Wei; Akira Kikuchi; Nobuhiro Suzuki; Takumi Shimi...
    Archives of Virology/151(9)/p.1701-1712, 2006-09
  • Use of Rice SSR Markers as RAPD Markers for Genetic Diversity Analysis in Zingiberaceae
    Jatoi Shakeel Ahmad; Kikuchi Akira; Yi San San; Naing Kh...
    Breeding science/56(2)/pp.107-111, 2006-06
  • Trait stability and environmental biosafety assessments on three transgenic Eucalyptus lines (Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh. codA 12-5B, codA 12-5C, codA 20-C) conferring salt tolerance
    菊池 彰; 河岡 明義; 島崎 孝嘉; 于 翔; 海老沼 宏安; 渡邉 和男
    Breeding research/8(1)/pp.17-26, 2006-03
  • The Arabidopsis DREB1A gene driven by the stress-inducible rd29A promoter increases salt-stress tolerance in proportion to its copy number in tetrasomic tetraploid potato (Solanum tuberosum)
    Plant Biotechnology/23(2)/pp.169-177, 2006-03
  • Abscisic acid and stress treatment are essential for the acquisition of embryogenic competence by carrot somatic cells
    Kikuchi A; Sanuki N; Higashi K; Koshiba T; Kamada H
    PLANTA/223(4)/pp.637-645, 2006-03
  • A minor outer capsid protein, P9, of Rice dwarf virus.
    Boxiong Zhong; Akira Kikuchi; Yusuke Moriyasu; Takatoshi ...
    Archives of Virology/148(11)/p.2275-2280, 2003-11
  • Gibberellin produced in the cotyledons is required for cell division during tissue-reunion in the cortex of cut cucumber and tomato hypocotyls..
    Masashi Asahina; Hiroaki Iwai; Akira Kikuchi; Shinjirou ...
    Plant Physiology/129(1)/p.201-210, 2002-05
  • Sequence analysis and GTP-binding ability of the minor core protein P5 of rice gall dwarf virus.
    Kenzaburo Ichimi; Akira Kikuchi; Yusuke Moriyasu; Boxiong...
    Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly/36(2)/p.83-87, 2002-04
  • Sequence analysis of Pns11, a nonstructrual protein of rice gall dwarf virus, and its expression and detection in infected rice plants and vector insects.
    Yusuke Moriyasu; Koichi Ishikawa; Akira Kikuchi; Shigeo ...
    Virus Genes/20(3)/p.237-241, 2000-05
  • In vivo and In vitro phosophrylation of rice dwarf phytoreovirus Pns12 cytoplasmic nonstructureal protein.
    Nobihiro Suzuki; Daijirou Hosokawa; Yoshiharu Matsuura; A...
    Archives of Virology/144(7)/p.1371-1380, 1999-07
  • High level of non-methylesterified pectins and low levels of peripherally located pectins in loosely attached non-embryogenic callus of carrot.
    Hiroaki Iwai; Akira Kikuchi; Toshihiro Kobayashi; Hiroshi...
    Plant Cell Reports/18(7-8)/p.561-566, 1999-03
  • The P2 protein of rice dwarf phytoreovirus is requiered for Adsorption of the virus to cells of the insect vector.
    Toshihiro Omura; Jin Yan; Boxiong Zhong; Masato Wada; Yaf...
    Journal of Virology/72(11)/p.9370-9373, 1998-11
  • The loss of outer capsid protein P2 results in nontransmissibility by the insect vector of rice dwarf phytoreovirus
    Masatoshi Tomaru; Wakako Maruyama; Akira Kikuchi; Jin Ya...
    Journal of Virology/71(10)/p.8019-8023, 1997-10
  • A xylogalacturonan whose level is dependent on the size of cell clusters in the pectin from cultured carrot cells
    Akira Kikuchi; Yusuke Edashige; Tadashi Ishii; Shinobu S...
    Planta/200(4)/p.369-372, 1996-12
  • Variations in the structure of neutral sugar chains in the pectic polysaccharides of the molphologically differnt carrot calli and correlations with the size of cell clusters.
    Akira Kikuchi; Yusuke Edashige; Tadashi Ishii; Tadashi F...
    Planta/198(4)/pp.634-639, 1996-04
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