Hirota Mitsuru

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  • Soil Net Nitrogen Mineralization at Different Ecosystem Development Stages after the Year 2000 Eruption on Miyakejima Island
    Hirota Mitsuru
    Journal of Ecosystem Ecography/8(1), 2018-02
  • 噴火跡地の枯死木をはかる
    廣田 充
    Shinrin Kagaku/79/pp.38-39, 2017
  • Patterns of plant species richness on a glacier foreland in the Tropical Andes
    吉田 圭一郎; 廣田 充; 水野 一晴
    Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers/2014(0)/p.100273, 2014
  • Spatial Upscaling of Soil Respiration under a Complex Canopy Structure in an Old-Growth Deciduous Forest, Central Japan
    Suchewaboripont Vilanee; Ando Masaki; Yoshitake Shinpe...
    FORESTS/8(2), 2017-02
  • Determination of aquatic humic substances in Japanese lakes and wetlands by the carbon concentration-based resin isolation technique.
    Tsuda Kumiko; Kida Morimaru; Aso Suzuka; Kato Taku; Fujitake ...
    Limnology/17(1)/pp.1-6, 2016-01
  • Tea Bagを用いた分解活性指標:標高・土壌温暖化・リター量処理の影響
    鈴木智之; 井田秀行; 小林元; 高橋耕一; Nam-Jin Noh; 村岡裕由; 廣田充; 清野達之; 鈴木亮; 田中 健太; ...
    中部山岳大学間連携事業2014年度年次報告会要旨集, 2014-12
  • Comparison of Quantity and Quality of Soil Organic Carbon between Matured and Gap Areas in an Old-growth Beech Forest
    飯村 康夫; 廣田 充; 井田 秀行; 大塚 俊之
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  • The roles of microorganisms in litter decomposition and soil formation
    Hobara Satoru; Osono Takashi; Hirose Dai; Noro Kenta; ...
    BIOGEOCHEMISTRY/118(1-3)/pp.471-486, 2014-04
  • Role of coarse woody debris in the carbon cycle of Takayama forest, central Japan
    Ohtsuka Toshiyuki; Shizu Yoko; Hirota Mitsuru; Yashiro...
    ECOLOGICAL RESEARCH/29(1)/pp.91-101, 2014-01
  • Impact of Global Warming on Mountain and Polar Ecosystems: What Have Artificial Warming Experiments Told?
    田中 健太; 平尾章; 鈴木  亮; 飯島 慈裕; 浜田 崇; 尾関雅章; 廣田充
    J. Geogr./122(4)/pp.628-637, 2013-09
  • 極相ブナ林のギャップ構造が土壌圏有機物分解に及ぼす影響
    飯村 康夫; 廣田 充; 井田 秀行; 大塚 俊之
    Abstracts of the meeting, the Society of the Science of Soil and Manure/58/p.17, 2012-09
  • Carbon cycling and sequestration in a Japanese red pine (Pinus densiflora) forest on lava flow of Mt. Fuji
    Ohtsuka Toshiyuki; Negishi Masaya; Sugita Kazuyuki; Ii...
    ECOLOGICAL RESEARCH/28(5)/pp.855-867, 2013-09
  • Indirect method to estimate convective gas flow culms of a Phragmites australis stand.
    Hirota M; Tsuchiya T
    Limnology/(4)/p.149-153, 2003
  • Temperature plays a major role in controlling ecosystem CO2 exchange in alpine meadow on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau.
    Kato T; Tang Y; Gu S; Hirota M; Du M; Li Y; Zhao X
    Global Change Biology/(12)/p.1285-1298, 2006
  • Fluxes of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide in two contrastive fringing zones of coastal lagoon, Lake Nakaumi, Japan.
    Hirota M; Senga Y; Seike Y; Nohara S; Kunii H
    Chemosphere/(68)/p.597-603, 2007
  • Underestimation of plant diversity at high altitudes on the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau.
    Shimono; A; Zhou H; Shen H; Hirota M; Ohtsuka T; Tang Y
    Journal of Plant Ecology/(3)/p.1-7, 2010
  • 志賀高原カヤの平ブナ林における炭素循環モニタリング Ⅰ.時空間的に不均一な土壌呼吸量の測定法の検討
    廣田 充; 八代 裕一郎; 飯村 康夫; 志津 庸子; 大塚 俊之; 井田 秀行
    志賀自然教育研究施設研究業績/(48)/p.9-14, 2011
  • Linking Remote Sensing and In Situ Ecosystem/Biodiversity Observations by “Satellite Ecology”
    Hiroyuki Muraoka; Reiichiro Ishii; Shin Nagai; Rikie ...
    The Biodiversity Observation Network in the Asia-Pacific Region Ecological Research Monographs/p.277-308, 2012
  • 志賀高原カヤノ平ブナ成熟林における土壌有機物の特徴
    飯村 康夫; 廣田 充; 井田 秀行; 大塚 俊之
    志賀自然教育研究施設研究業績/(49)/p.1-5, 2012-01
  • Haibei Alpine Meadow Ecosystem Research Station, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)
    廣田 充
    日本生態學會誌/61(1)/pp.107-112, 2011-03
  • Spatial variability of CH4 and N2O fluxes in alpine ecosystems on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
    Kato Tomomichi; Hirota Mitsuru; Tang Yanhong; Wada Eitaro
    ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT/45(31)/pp.5632-5639, 2011-10
  • Haibei Alpine Meadow Ecosystem Research Station, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)(From field research sites(17))
    廣田 充
    Japanese Journal of Ecology/61(1)/pp.107-112, 2011-03
  • P1-13 生態遷移の進行が黒ボク土の炭素集積機能に及ぼす影響 : 炭素・窒素安定同位体比から見た植生変化パターンと土壌炭素集積機能の関係(ポスター紹介,S1.安定・放射性同位体を用いた土壌炭素動態研究 -何がどこまで分かるのか?-,2010年度北海道大会)
    飯村 康夫; 廣田 充; 大塚 俊之
    Abstracts of the meeting, the Society of the Science of Soil and Manure/0(56)/p.17, 2010-09
  • Small-scale variation in ecosystem CO_2 fluxes in an alpine meadow depends on plant biomass and species richness
    HIROTA Mitsuru; ZHANG Pengcheng; GU Song; SHEN Haihua; KU...
    Journal of plant research/123(4)/pp.531-541, 2010-07
  • Surrounding pressure controlled by water table alters CO2 and CH4 fluxes in the littoral zone of a brackish-water lake
    Yamamoto Akinori; Hirota Mitsuru; Suzuki Shizuo; Zhang P...
    APPLIED SOIL ECOLOGY/47(3)/pp.160-166, 2011-03
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