Zhang Zhen Ya

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Research projects
ラオス自生植物Tonh Khidum由来の抗糖尿病効果の研究2012 -- 2013張振亜大生工業【株)/筑波大学との共同研究8,250,000Yen
有機性廃棄物からの窒素回収及びアンモニア阻害を抑制可能な乾式メタン発酵法の実現2012 -- 2015Zhang Zhenya独立行政法人日本学術振興会/科学研究費助成事業基盤研究(B)17,160,000Yen
Development of reactor with hydrogen utilization and acetate decomposition methane bacterium1995-04 -- 1996-03張振亜University of Tsukuba/学内共同研究500,000Yen
Water environment remediation technology with biology method,development of reactor of incubation of a-1 high efficiency anaerobic methane bacterium and vitamin production technology1997-04 -- 2001-03前川孝昭・張振亜日本科学振興事業団/出資金による受託研究60,000,000Yen
Development of mushroom bacterium for medical use from proein waste2004-04 -- 2005-03張振亜University of Tsukuba/学内共同研究700,000Yen
Development of extraction method of β―D glucan and high density amino acid from basidiomycota and function evaluation2005-04 -- 2006-03張振亜国際科学振興財団/出資金による受託研究5,000,000Yen
Development of water environment purfication system2005-04 -- 2007-03前川孝昭科学技術振興機構(JST)/出資金による受託研究1,500,000Yen
Development of environmental purification material2007-04 -- 2010-03杉浦則夫科学技術振興機構(JST)/出資金による受託研究55,000,000Yen
Development of high efficiency and low envieonment load biomass conversion technology using livestock waste2006-04 -- 2007-03氷鉋楊四郎科学技術振興機構(JST)/出資金による受託研究2,000,000Yen
Study about the functionality from utilizing the mushroom as functional food2008-04 -- 2009-03張振亜アジア環境研究所/出資金による受託研究500,000Yen