Yamanaka Katsuo

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  • 日本版WAIS-III成人知能検査の標準化に関する研究(1)
    大六 一志; 山中 克夫; 前川 久男; 藤田 和弘
    The Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the JPA/70/pp.3AM047-3AM047, 2006
  • 日本版WAIS-III成人知能検査の標準化に関する研究(2)
    山中 克夫; 大六 一志; 前川 久男; 藤田 和弘
    The Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the JPA/70/pp.3AM048-3AM048, 2006
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    山中 克夫
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    山中 克夫
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  • Measuring Knowledge about Alzheimer's Disease in Japan
    山中 克夫
    Gerontological Society of America's 67th Annual Scientific Meeting Symposium "A Consumer Perspective on Dementia Biomarkers, On -line Dementia Resources, 2014
  • 介護施設・病院における日中の活動が認知症の行動・心理症状(BPSD)に及ぼす効果:わが国で行われた研究の質的システマティック・レビュー
    野口 代; 山中 克夫
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    Yamanaka Katsuo; Kawano Yoshiyuki
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  • Behavioral Consultation for Elderly Care Setting Residents with Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia: A Pilot Study
    石川 愛; 大野 裕史; Yamanaka Katsuo
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  • Effect of the Staff Support System (SSS) using the decision model for intervention strategies: Cases with staff members’ high treatment integrity but unimproved BPSD
    野口 代; 河野 禎之; 山中 克夫
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  • Japanese Families’ Perspective of Filial Responsibility towards Elder Caregiving.
    Yamanaka Katsuo; Kathy Elpers; Takashi Amano
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    Nicholas J. Warren; Akiko Kamimura; Ha Ngoc Trinh; Emily Ste...
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  • Case study for increasing interactions between people with dementia in a traditional nursing home in Japan: a practical environmental intervention based on antecedent control applicable in care settings, using an assessment of preference
    山中 克夫; 野口 代; 石黒映美
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  • Effects of cognitive stimulation therapy Japanese version (CST-J) for people with dementia: a single-blind, controlled clinical trial
    Yamanaka Katsuo; Kawano Yoshiyuki; Noguchi Dai; Nakaaki Shut...
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  • Care staff training in residential homes for managing behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia based on differential reinforcement procedures of applied behaviour analysis: a process research
    Dai Noguchi; Yoshiyuki Kawano; Katsuo Yamanaka
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  • 介護費用の財源に対する大学生の意識とその関連要因
    桑原 里佳; 野口 代; 山中 克夫
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  • Staff Support System for Managing Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia
    野口 代; 河野 禎之; 山中 克夫
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  • Elucidation of Factors Predicting the Impression of "Yuru-sa" in Japanese Yuru-kyara Mascot Characters
    Jiyavorananda Sittiphan; Ishikawa Hiroko; Sakai Shunsuke...
    International Journal of Affective Engineering/15(3)/pp.231-238, 2016-09
  • イギリスにおける認知活性化療法 (Cognitive Stimulation Therapy: CST) の開発経緯に関する研究
    山中克夫; 河野 禎之; 野口代
    高齢者のケアと行動科学/20(1)/pp.72-85, 2015-10
  • 最近の認知活性化療法 (CST) および認知的働きかけに関する研究動向
    山中克夫; 河野 禎之; 野口代
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  • 認知活性化療法日本版 (CST-J) の開発とその特徴
    山中克夫; 河野 禎之; 野口代
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  • 老年心理学の最前線② 高齢者の知能
    山中 克夫
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  • An Evaluation on the Introduction of Care Volunteers by the Care Workers and Tenants in Senior Citizen Facilities:- Research Immediately After Care Support Volunteer System Introduction
    金正和; 山中 克夫; 花里俊廣
    Bulletin of JSSD/61(4)/pp.33-40, 2014
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