Ogawa Sonoko

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  • 周生期環境化学物質曝露が情動・社会行動発達に及ぼす影響
    小川園子・坂本敏郎; +小川 園子
    第37回日本トキシコロジー学会学術年会 The Journal of Toxicological Sciences/35/p.S51, 2010-01
  • Estrogenic regulation of social behavior: analysis with the use of viral vector-mediated brain site-specific manipulation of gene expression
    Ogawa Sonoko; Tsuda Mumeko C.; Sano Kazuhiro; Yamaguchi ...
    JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGICAL SCIENCES/60(Suppl. 1)/pp.S37-S37, 2010-01
  • Estrogen-Induced Sexual Incentive Motivation, Proceptivity and Receptivity Depend on a Functional Estrogen Receptor alpha in the Ventromedial Nucleus of the Hypothalamus but Not in the Amygdala
    Spiteri Thierry; Musatov Sergei; Ogawa Sonoko; Ribeiro A...
    NEUROENDOCRINOLOGY/91(2)/pp.142-154, 2010-01
  • Estrogen Receptor-alpha in the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis Regulates Social Affiliation in Male Prairie Voles (Microtus ochrogaster)
    Lei Kelly; Cushing Bruce S.; Musatov Sergei; Ogawa Sonok...
    PLOS ONE/5(1)/pp.0-0, 2010-01
  • Organizational effects of pubertal testosterone on socio-sexual and emotional behaviors in male mice.
    Kobayashi; M.; Kashimura; M.; Yamaguchi; N.; Sakamoto; T.; Ogawa; ...
    第33回日本神経科学大会 Neuroscience Research/68/p.e412, 2010-01
  • Adverse early life experiences alter the development of social interactive behaviors in adult C57BL/6J female mice.
    Tsuda; M.C.; Ogawa; S.; +小川 園子
    第33回日本神経科学大会 Neuroscience Research/68/p.e413, 2010-01
  • 心理学における神経内分泌学
    近藤 保彦; 富原 一哉; 粟生 修司; 高橋 泰城; 福井 一; 野村 昌良; 小川 園子; 阿部...
    The Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the JPA/70/pp.WS021-WS021, 2006
  • Brain site specific knockdown of estrogen receptor α in the medial preoptic area reduced sexual but not aggressive behavior in male mice.
    Sano; K.; Tsuda; M.C.; Musatov; S.; Ogawa; S.; +小川 園子
    第33回日本神経科学大会 Neuroscience Research/68/p.e413, 2010-01
  • Role of oxytocin receptor in the regulation of social recognition in mice.
    Yamaguchi; N.; Tsuda; M.C.; Sagoshi; S.; Nishimori; K.; Sakamoto; ...
    第33回日本神経科学大会 Neuroscience Research/68/p.e413, 2010-01
  • Behavioral characteristics of CLICK-Ⅲ/CaMKIgamma knockout male mice in social and non-social context.
    Nakata M; Takemoto-Kimura S; Akashi N; Sakamoto T; Kakeya...
    第33回日本神経科学大会 Neuroscience Research/68/p.e413, 2010-01
  • Impairment of socio-emotional behavior and memory function in Draxin (Dorsal repulsive axon guidance protein) knockout mice.
    Sakamoto; T.; Shinmyo; Y.; Tanaka; H.; Ogawa; S.; +小川 園子
    第33回日本神経科学大会 Neuroscience Research/68/p.e414, 2010-01
  • オスマウスのアンドロゲンレセプターの脳内発現の解析:攻撃行動レベルの差による比較検討.
    小林麻里子・永田知代・佐越祥子・山口奈緒子・小川園子.; +小川 園子
    第70回日本動物心理学会大会 動物心理学研究/60/p.212, 2010-01
  • 社会的認知及び空間認知機能におけるオキシトシン受容体の役割
    佐越祥子・坂本敏郎・小川園子; +小川 園子
    第70回日本動物心理学会大会 動物心理学研究/60/p.198, 2010-01
  • Activation of the GPR30 receptor selectively enhances sex behavior in female mice.
    Vasudevan; N.; Sano; K.; Sharma; A.; Ogawa; S.; +小川 園子
    FASEB Summer Research Conferences (The Physiology of Integrated Nuclear and Extranuclear Steroid Signaling) Abstract, 2010-01
  • Activation of the GPR30 receptor selectively enhances sex behavior in female mice.
    Sharma; A.; Sano; K.; Ogawa; S.; and Vasudevan; N.; +小川 園子
    Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology Abstract, 2010-01
  • Elimination of the morphological sex difference in the BNSTp of mice lacking the aromatase, estrogen receptor a (ERa), or ERß gene.
    Tsukahara S; Tsuda M; Kato Y; Kuroda Y; Nakata M; Xiao K...
    7th International Congress of Neuroendocrinology Meeting Abstract, 2010-01
  • Neural, Hormonal and Experiential Control of Socio-Sexual Behavior, Social Recognition and Social Bonding
    Ogawa; S.; Tsuda; M.C.; Yamaguchi; N.; Sakamoto; T.; +小川 園子
    第33回日本神経科学大会 Neuroscience Research/68/p.e8, 2010-01
  • Hippocampal cells encode places by forming small anatomical clusters.
    Nakamura; N.H.; Fukunaga; M.; Akama; K.T.; Soga; T.; Ogawa; S.; Pav...
    Neuroscience/166/p.994-1007, 2010-01
  • Estrogen receptor-alpha in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis regulates social affiliation in male prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster).
    Lei K; Cusing BS; Musatov S; Ogawa S; Kramer KM
    PLoS One/5/p.e8931, 2010-01
  • Estrogen-induced sexual incentive motivation, proceptivity and receptivity depend on a functional estrogen receptor alpha in the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus but not in the amygdala.
    Spiteri T; Musatov S; Ogawa S; Ribeiro A; Pfaff DW; Agmo A
    Neuroendocrinology/91/p.142-154, 2010-01
  • Effects of estrogen receptor alpha and beta gene deletion on estrogenic induction of progesterone receptors in the locus coeruleus in female mice
    Helena Cleyde; Gustafsson Jan-Ake; Korach Kenneth; Pfaff ...
    ENDOCRINE/36(1)/pp.169-177, 2009-08
  • Divergent effects of estradiol and the estrogen receptor-alpha agonist PPT on eating and activation of PVN CRH neurons in ovariectomized rats and mice
    Thammacharoen Sumpun; Geary Nori; Lutz Thomas A.; Ogawa ...
    BRAIN RESEARCH/1268/pp.88-96, 2009-05
  • Hormonal Regulation of Prolactin Cell Development in the Fetal Pituitary Gland of the Mouse
    Ogasawara Kiyomoto; Nogami Haruo; Tsuda Mumeko C.; Gustaf...
    ENDOCRINOLOGY/150(2)/pp.1061-1068, 2009-02
  • 思春期における雄マウスの攻撃行動の発動・維持に及ぼす新生仔期 母仔分離経験の影響
    棚原友季; 津田夢芽子; 小川園子
    第69回日本動物心理学会大会 動物心理学研究/59/p.283, 2009-01
  • 攻撃行動の性差
    臨床神経科学/27/p.1116-1117, 2009-01
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