Warabi Eiji

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  • Circadian control of p75 neurotrophin receptor leads to alternate activation of Nrf2 and c-Rel to reset energy metabolism in astrocytes via brain-derived neurotrophic factor
    Ishii Tetsuro; Warabi Eiji; Mann Giovanni E.
    Joint Conference of the Physiological-Society and the American-Physiological-Society
  • 非アルコール性脂肪性肝炎(NASH)自然発症マウスにおける Kupffer 細胞の表現形質の変化と発症機序との関連性
    Warabi Eiji; 秋山健太郎; 正田純一
  • 継続的な運動負荷は菌体内毒素(LPS)クリアランスを増大させ、LPS刺激による炎症応答を低下させる
    Warabi Eiji; 小峰昇一; 秋山健太郎; 正田純一
  • 異物貪食能の増大により、菌体内毒素(LPS)のクリアランスを増大させ、LPS刺激による炎症応答を低下させる
    Warabi Eiji; 小峰昇一; 秋山健太郎; 正田純一
  • p62:Nrf2遺伝子二重欠損マウスの肝蔵、内臓脂肪、腸内環境の解析よりみた NASH発症機序の解明
    Warabi Eiji; 秋山健太郎; 正田純一
  • Association Of Functional Polymorphisms In IRF2 With Systemic Lupus Erythematosus In a Japanese Population
    Kawasaki Aya; Furukawa Hiroshi; Nishida Nao; Warabi E...
    77th Annual Meeting of the American-College-of-Rheumatology / 48th Annual Meeting of the Association-of-Rheumatology-Health-Professionals/2013-10-26--2013-10-30
  • Increased blood pressure at resting phase in A170-knockout mice, an Obese Model
    Sakai Satoshi; Warabi Eiji; Inaba Hiroko; Harada Harumi; ...
    82nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese-Pharmacological-Society/2009-3-17
  • Establishment of Obese Model with Increase in Blood Pressure by Sequestosome 1 Knockout Gene
    Sakai Satoshi; Warabi Eiji; Inaba Hiroko; Harada Harumi; ...
    Basic Cardiovascular Sciences Conference 2009/2009-7-20--2009-7-23