Yagami Ken-ichi

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  • Expression analysis of Escherichia coli lacZ reporter gene in transgenic mice
    Takahashi E; Miyamoto N; Kajiwara N; Furuya K; Yanai-Tani...
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  • Yersinia pseudotuberculosis infection occurred spontaneously in a group of patas monkeys (Erythrocebus patas).
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  • Growth of infectious bronchitis virus in suckling mice brain.
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  • Naturally occarring canine herpesvirus infection in Japan
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  • Isolation of herpesvirus from naturally occurring case with hemorrhagic and necrotizing lesions of puppies.
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  • Protective reaction against malaria infection in mice sensitized with Frozen-thawed toxoplasma tachyzoites.
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  • Studies on viral respiratory disease in laboratory cats. I Isolation of feline herpesvirus and choice of proper disinfectant
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  • Activation and augmentation of guinea pig macrophages with streptococcal preparation OK-432 and stimulated spleen cell products.
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  • Interferon induction in Toxoplasma gondii infected mice.
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  • Seroepidemiological surveillance of Chlamydia psittaci in cats and dogs in Japan.
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  • Serologic and virologic Surveys on feline herpesvirus and feline calicivirus infections in cats for experimental use
    Yagami K; Furukawa T; Fukui M.
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  • Evaluation of tri-comnbinant vaccine for feline herpesvirus, calicivirus and panleukopenia virus infections in Japanese native cats
    Yagami K; Furukawa T; Fukui M; Hamada H.
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  • Pathogenesis of hemagglutinating enocephalomyelitis virus (HEV) in mice experimentally infected by different routes
    Yagami K; Hirai K; Hirano N.
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  • Virucidal efficacy of physico-chemical treatments against coronaviruses and parvoviruses of laboratory animals.
    Saknimit M; Inatsuki I; Sugiyama Y; Yagami K.
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  • Characterization of newly isolated rat viruses from asymptomatic laboratory rats
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  • Spontaneous leukemia occurring in aged Slc: Wistar rats and its transplantation into rats.
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  • Renal insufficiency in mice experimentally infected with Yersinia pseudotuberculosis.
    Sugiyama Y; Yagami K.
    Contrib Microbiol Immunol./12/p.134-139, 1991-01
  • Pathogenesis of newly isolated rat virus in newborn and juvenile rats
    Yagami K; Fukazawa T; Sugiyama Y; Fujii K.
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  • The advantage of enzyme-linked immunosorbent-assay (ELISA) as a method of microbiological monitoring for rat virus
    Izumi Y; Fukazawa T; Sugiyama Y; Yagami K; Urano T; Tanik...
    Experimental Animals/40(3)/pp.367-373, 1991-01
  • Species-specific induction of angiotensinogen mRNA in transgenic mouse liver during acute phase reaction.
    Takahashi S; Fukamizu A; Sugiyama F; Kajiwara N; Yagami ...
    J Vet Med Sci/54(2)/pp.367-369, 1992-01
  • Vertical transmission of HTLV-1 in HTLV-1 carrier rat
    Ami Y; Kushida S; Matsumura M; Yoshida Y; Kameyama T; Sug...
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  • Development of mouse oocytes superovulated at different ages
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  • Species-specific kinetics of mouse renin contribute to maintenance of normal blood pressure in transgenic mice with overexpressed human angiotensinogen.
    Takahashi S; Fukamizu A; Hatae T; Yamada Y; Sugiyama F; K...
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  • Seroepidemiology of Coxiella burnetii in domestic and companion animals in Japan.
    Htwe KK; Amano K; Sugiyama Y; Yagami K; Minamoto N; Hashi...
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  • Rat renin promotor activity in cultured cells and transgenic mice
    Sugiyama F; Fukamizu A; Kajiwara N; Uehara S; Sugiyama Y...
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