Hisatake Koji

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  • BMP-SMAD-ID promotes reprogramming to pluripotency by inhibiting p16/INK4A-dependent senescence
    Hayashi Yohei; Edward C Hsiao; Salma Sami; Mariselle Lancero...
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences/113(46)/pp.13057-13062, 2016-11
  • Histone methylation and transcriptional regulation
    Fukuda Aya; Hisatake Koji
    SEIKAGAKU/79(4)/pp.362-365, 2007-04
  • Klf4遺伝子発現調節によるiPS細胞誘導中間体の作製
    西村 健; 久武幸司
    医学のあゆみ/255(2)/pp.173-174, 2015-10
  • The RNA Binding Complexes NF45-NF90 and NF45-NF110 Associate Dynamically with the c-fos Gene and Function as Transcriptional Coactivators
    Nakadai Tomoyoshi; Fukuda Aya; Shimada Miho; Nishimura...
    JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY/290(44)/pp.26832-26845, 2015-10
  • Association of the winged helix motif of the TFIIE alpha subunit of TFIIE with either the TFIIE beta subunit or TFIIB distinguishes its functions in transcription
    Tanaka Aki; Akimoto Yusuke; Kobayashi Satoko; Hisatake...
    GENES TO CELLS/20(3)/pp.203-216, 2015-03
  • The Paired-box Homeodomain Transcription Factor Pax6 Binds to the Upstream Region of the TRAP Gene Promoter and Suppresses Receptor Activator of NF-kappa B Ligand (RANKL)-induced Osteoclast Differentiation
    Kogawa Masakazu; Hisatake Koji; Atkins Gerald J.; Find...
    JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY/288(43)/pp.31299-31312, 2013-10
  • Manipulation of KLF4 expression generates iPSCs paused at successive stages of reprogramming
    Ken Nishimura; Tetsuo Kato; Chen Chen; Lalhaba Oinam; Emi Shi...
    Stem Cell Reports/3(5)/pp.915-929, 2014-11
  • Heterogeneous Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein R Cooperates with Mediator to Facilitate Transcription Reinitiation on the c-Fos Gene
    Fukuda Aya; Shimada Miho; Nakadai Tomoyoshi; Nishimura...
    PLOS ONE/8(8), 2013-08
  • DSIF, the Paf1 complex, and Tat-SF1 have nonredundant, cooperative roles in RNA polymerase II elongation
    Chen Yexi; Yamaguchi Yuki; Tsunego Yuta; Yamamoto Junichi; Ya...
    Genes & Development/23(23)/pp.2765-2777, 2009-12
  • Immunoelectron microscopy of adult T cell leukemia-associated antigen by the peroxidase-labeled antibody method.
    Oda T; Watanabe S; Araki Y; Hatsushika M; Sumi H; Nakamur...
    Cellular and Molecular Biology/31(1)/p.49-56, 1985-01
  • Sequence-specific binding of a transcription factor TFID to the promoter region of mouse ribosomal RNA gene.
    Tanaka N; Kato H; Ishikawa Y; Hisatake K; Tashiro K; Komi...
    The Journal of Biological Chemistry/256(23)/p.12836-13842, 1990-08
  • Structure of the core promoter of human and mouse ribosomal RNA gene: Asymmetry of species-specific transcription.
    Ishikawa Y; Safrany G; Hisatake K; Tanaka N; Maeda Y; Kat...
    Journal of Molecular Biology/218(1)/p.55-67, 1991-03
  • Cloning and structural analysis of cDNA and its gene for mouse transcription factor UBF.
    Hisatake K; Nishimura T; Maeda Y; Hanada K; Song C; Muram...
    Nucleic Acids Research/19(17)/p.4631 4637, 1991-09
  • Sequence of general transcription factor TFIIB and relationships to other initiation factors.
    Malik S; Hisatake K; Sumimoto H; Horikoshi M; Roeder RG
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America/88(21)/p.9553-9557, 1991-11
  • Conserved structural motifs between Xenopus and human TFIIB.
    Hisatake K; Malik S; Roeder RG; Horikoshi M
    Nucleic Acids Research/19(23)/p.6639, 1991-12
  • Isolation and characterization of a cDNA encoding Drosophila transcription factor TFIIB.
    Yamashita S; Wada K; Horikoshi M; Gong D-W; Kokubo T; His...
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America/89(7)/p.2839-2843, 1992-04
  • Mouse rRNA transcription factor mUBF requires both HMG-box1 and an acidic tail for nucleolar accumulation: molecular analysis of the nucleolar targeting mechanism.
    Maeda Y; Hisatake K; Kondo T; Hanada K; Song C; Nishimura...
    The EMBO Journal/11(10)/p.3695-3704, 1992-10
  • The p250 subunit of native TATA box-binding factor TFIID is the cell cycle regulatory protein CCG1.
    Hisatake K; Hasegawa S; Takada R; Nakatani Y; Horikoshi ...
    Nature/362(6416)/p.179-181, 1993-03
  • Functional dissection of TFIIB domains required for TFIIB-TFIID-promoter complex formation and basal transcription activity.
    Hisatake K; Roeder RG; Horikoshi M
    Nature/363(6431)/p.744-747, 1993-06
  • Transcription factor TFIIB sites important for interaction with promoter-bound TFIID.
    Yamashita S; Hisatake K; Kokubo T; Doi K; Roeder RG; Hori...
    Science/261(5120)/p.463-467, 1993-07
  • Regulation of mouse UBF gene by multiple growth-related control elements.
    Nishimura T; Hanada K; Maeda Y; Song C; Hisatake K; Muram...
    Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications/205(2)/p.1217-1225, 1994-12
  • Identification of an enhancer responsible for a tumor marker gene expression by means of transgenic rats.
    Suzuki T; Imagawa M; Hirabayashi M; Yuki A; Hisatake K; M...
    Cancer Research/55(12)/p.2651-2655, 1995-06
  • Evolutionary conservation of human TATA-binding-polypeptide associated factors TAFII31 and TAFII80 and interactions of TAFII80 with other TAFs and with general transcription factors.
    Hisatake K; Ohta T; Takada R; Guermah M; Horikoshi M; Nak...
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America/92(18)/p.8195-8199, 1995-08
  • Crystal structure of a TFIIB-TBP-TATA-element ternary complex.
    Nikolov DB; Chen H; Halay ED; Usheva AA; Hisatake K; Lee ...
    Nature/377(6545)/p.119-128, 1995-09
  • Unliganded thyroid hormone receptor a can target the TATA-binding protein for transcriptional repression.
    Fondell GD; Brunel F; Hisatake K; Roeder RG
    Molecular and Cellular Biology/16(1)/p.281-287, 1996-01
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