Nagata Kyosuke

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  • Internal associations of the acidic region of upstream binding factor control its nucleolar localization
    Ueshima Shuhei; Nagata Kyosuke; Okuwaki Mitsuru
    Molecular and cellular biology/37(22), 2017-09
  • Reprogramming Antagonizes the Oncogenicity of HOXA13-Long Noncoding RNA HOTTIP Axis in Gastric Cancer Cells
    Wu Deng-Chyang; Wang Sophie S W; Liu Chung-Jung; Wuputra ...
    Stem cells (Dayton, Ohio)/35(10)/pp.2115-2128, 2017-08
  • Generation of a Genetically Stable High-Fidelity Influenza Vaccine Strain
    Naito Tadasuke; Mori Kotaro; Ushirogawa Hiroshi; Takiz...
    Journal of virology/91(6), 2017-03
  • Differential induction of type I interferons in macaques by wild-type measles virus alone or with the hemagglutinin protein of the Edmonston vaccine strain
    Nguyen Van Nguyen; Kato Sei-ich; Nagata Kyosuke; Takeu...
    MICROBIOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY/60(7)/pp.501-505, 2016-07
  • Silencing of IFN-stimulated gene transcription is regulated by histone H1 and its chaperone TAF-I
    Nagata Kyosuke; 門田 伸一
    Nucleic Acids Res./42(12)/pp.7642-7653, 2014-01
  • DNA replication-dependent binding of CTCF plays a critical role in adenovirus genome functions
    Nagata Kyosuke; Komatsu T; Sekiya T
    Sci Rep./3/pp.2187-2187, 2013-07
  • Critical role of an antiviral stress granule containing RIG-I and PKR in viral detection and innate immunity.
    Onomoto K; Jogi M; Yoo JS; Narita R; Morimoto S; Takemura...
    PLoS One/7(8)/p.43031, 2012
  • New sandwich-type enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for human MxA protein in a whole blood using monoclonal antibodies against GTP-binding domain for recognition of viral infection.
    Mizuho Kawamura; Akira Kusano; Akiko Furuya; Nobuo Hanai...
    Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis/26/p.174-183, 2012
  • Anti-influenza virus activity of Ginkgo biloba leaf extracts
    Takahiro Haruyama; Nagata K.
    JOURNAL OF NATURAL MEDICINES/67(3)/pp.636-642, 2013-07
  • The role of the N-terminal loop in the function of the colicin E7 nuclease domain
    Czene Aniko; Nemeth Eszter; Zoka Istvan G.; Jakab-Simon ...
  • Replication-coupled and host factor-mediated encapsidation of the influenza virus genome by viral nucleoprotein.
    Kawaguchi A.; Momose F.; Nagata K.
    Journal of Virology/85(13)/pp.6197-6204, 2011-07
  • Sorting of influenza A virus RNA genome segments after nuclear export
    Takizawa N; Kumakura M; Takeuchi K; Kobayashi N; Nagata K
    Virology/401(2)/p.248-256, 2010-06
  • A system of DNA replication in HeLa nuclei treated with inhibitors of protein synthesis
    Nagata K; Enomoto T; Yamada M.
    Biochim. Biophys/653(3)/p.316-330, 1981-05
  • Accumulation of S phase populations of FM3A cells growig in the mouse by the administration of 5'-fluoro-2'-deoxyuridine
    Hanaoka F; Nagata K; Watanabe Y; Enomoto T; Yamada M
    Cell Struc. Func/6/p.357-365, 1981-01
  • Adenovirus DNA replication in vitro: Identification of a host factor that stimulates synthesis of the preterminal protein-dCMP complex
    Nagata K; Guggenheimer RA; Enomoto T; Lichy JH; Hurwitz J
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci/79(21)/p.6438-6442, 1982-11
  • DNA-dependent ATPaseB of FM3A cells: Its separation from DNA polymerase α
    Watanabe Y; Nagata K; Tawaragi Y; Enomoto T; Hanaoka F; Y...
    FEBS Lett/149(1)/p.44-46, 1982-11
  • Detection of two factors stimulating DNA polymerase α activity on heat-denatured DNA from mouse FM3A cells
    Kawasaki K; Nagata K; Enomoto T; Hanaoka F; Yamada M
    Biochem. Internat/5/p.121-128, 1982-01
  • Adenovirus DNA replication in vitro: Synthesis of full length DNA with purified proteins
    Nagata K; Guggenheimer RA; Hurwitz J
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci./80(20)/p.4266-4270, 1983-10
  • Specific binding of a cellular DNA replication protein to the origin of replication of adenovirus DNA
    Nagata K; Guggenheimer RA; Hurwitz J
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci./80(20)/p.6177-6181, 1983-10
  • Isolation of proteins involved in the replication of adenovirul DNA in vitro
    永田 恭介
    Cold Spring Harbor Symp. Quant. Biol/47/p.731-740, 1983-01
  • Purification and characterization of a factor stimulating DNA polymerase α activity from FM3A cells
    Kawasaki K; Nagata K; Enomoto T; Hanaoka F; Yamada M
    J. Biochem./95(2)/p.485-493, 1984-02
  • DNA sequences required for the in vitro replication of adenovirus DNA
    Guggenheimer RA; Stillman BW; Nagata K; Tamanoi F; Hurwit...
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci./81(10)/p.3069-3073, 1984-05
  • Protein-primed replication of plasmids containing the terminus of the adenovirus genome: I. Characterization of an in vitro DNA replication system dependent on adenoviral sequences
    Guggenheimer RA; Nagata K; Lindenbaum JL; Hurwitz J
    J. Biol. Chem./259(12)/p.7801-7814, 1984-06
  • Protein-primed replication of plasmids containing the terminus of the adenovirus genome: II. Purification and characterization of a host protein required for the replication of DNA template devoid of the terminal protein
    Guggenheimer RA; Nagata K; Kenny M; Hurwitz J
    J. Biol. Chem./259(12)/p.7815-7825, 1984-06
  • Isolation of human DNA sequences that bind to nuclear factor I, a host protein involved in adenovirus DNA replication
    Gronostajski RM; Nagata K; Hurwitz J
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci./81(13)/p.4013-4017, 1984-07
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