Suzuki Hideo

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  • Chemoprevention of colon cancer by dietary intake of sulforaphane
    Suzuki Hideo; Mutoh Michihiro; Kamoshida Toshiro; Kakinok...
    Functional Foods in Health and Disease/9(6)/pp.392-411, 2019
  • Induction systemic therapy followed by surgery for stages II-III non-small cell lung cancer: steady efforts
    Sekine Ikuo; Aida Yuka; Suzuki Hideo
  • The preventive effect of Qing Dai on bisphosphonate-induced gastric cellular injuries
    Yasuda Go; Ito Hiromu; Kurokawa Hiromi; Terasaki Masahik...
    Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition/64(1)/pp.45-51, 2019-01
  • Induction systemic therapy followed by surgery for stages II-III non-small cell lung cancer: steady efforts
    Sekine Ikuo; Aida Yuka; Suzuki Hideo
    JOURNAL OF THORACIC DISEASE/10(Suppl 33)/pp.S3942-S3945, 2018-11
  • Acid inhibitors do not mitgate, but exacerbate H.pylori-induced gastritis both in vitro and in vivo
    Yanaka Akinori; Suzuki Hideo
    Digestive Disease and Sciences/60/pp.2545-2545, 2015-09
  • Long-Term Maintenance Effect of Qing Dai for Ulcerative Colitis.
    Suzuki Hideo
    J Altern Complement Med., 2014-04
  • 第18回「えっ、補綴装置を誤飲した?しかも、その患者さんにピロリ菌が……!?」
    鈴木英雄; 長谷川正午; 酒井俊; 柳川徹
    補綴臨床/51(1)/pp.66-80, 2018-01
    圷 大輔; 鈴木 英雄; 奈良坂 俊明; 寺崎 正彦; 金子 剛; 松井 裕史; 兵頭 一之介; 溝上 裕士
    GASTROENTEROLOGICAL ENDOSCOPY/59(11)/pp.2621-2627, 2017-11
  • 抗凝固薬による剥離性食道炎の検討
    奈良坂 俊明; 鈴木 英雄; 溝上 裕士; 圷 大輔
    潰瘍/44/pp.62-64, 2017-05
  • 食道ステント留置後の移動に対し, 内視鏡的ステント解体抜去・再留置術が有効であった食道癌の一例
    山本祥之; 鈴木英雄; 菅谷明徳; 圷大輔; 村下徹也; 山田 武史; 日下部涼子; 松田健二; 森脇俊和; 金子剛; 松井裕史; 溝...
    Progress of Digestive Endoscopy/78/pp.78-78, 2010
  • Predicting skin toxicity according to EGFR polymorphisms in patients with colorectal cancer receiving antibody against EGFR.
    Yamada Takeshi; Saito Rie; Suzuki Hideo; Endo Shinji; Mor...
    Anticancer Res/33(11)/pp.4995-4998, 2013-11
  • Effectiveness of an endoscopic biopsy procedure using EUS-FNA and EMR-C for diagnosing adenocarcinoma arising from ectopic pancreas: two case reports and a literature review.
    Endo Shinji; Saito Rie; Ochi Daisuke; Yamada Takeshi; Hir...
    Intern Med./53(10)/pp.1055-1062, 2014-10
  • Long-Term Maintenance Effect of Qing Dai for Ulcerative Colitis
    Suzuki Hideo; Mizokami Yuji; Gosho Masahiko; Kaneko Tsuy...
    Journal of alternative and complementary medicine (New York, N.Y.)/Epub, 2018-04
  • Waterjet submucosal dissection of porcine esophagus with the HybridKnife and ERBEJET 2 system: a pilot study.
    Suzuki Hideo; D Akutsu; T Narasaka; M Terasaki; T Kaneko...
    Endosc Int Open./5(1)/pp.E30-E34, 2017-01
  • The Promoting Effect of the Extracellular Matrix Peptide TNIIIA2 Derived from Tenascin-C in Colon Cancer Cell Infiltration.
    Suzuki Hideo; Sasada M Kamiya S Ito Y Watanabe H Okad...
    Int J Mol Sci./18(1)/p.E181, 2017-01
  • 当院におけるダビガトラン起因性食道粘膜障害の検討
    Suzuki Hideo; 奈良坂俊明; 溝上裕士; 圷大輔
    潰瘍 = Ulcer research/43/pp.108-111, 2016-05
  • 強力な酸分泌抑制は胃内アルカリ化を介してHelicobacter pyloriによる胃粘膜傷害を悪化させる
    谷中 昭典; 鈴木 英雄
    潰瘍 = Ulcer research/43/pp.6-12, 2016-05
  • A Retrospective Analysis of Cetuximab or Panitumumab Monotherapy for KRAS Wild-Type Metastatic Colorectal Cancer in Clinical Practice
    菅谷昭徳; 森脇 俊和; Tajima D; Imanishi M; Hamano Y; Kobayashi M; ...
    Gan To Kagaku Ryoho/42(2)/pp.189-193, 2015-02
  • カプセル内視鏡で診断し得た高齢者の出血性Meckel憩室の1例
    鈴木 英雄
    Progress of Digestive Endoscopy, 2014-12
  • Endoscopic detachable snare ligation: a new treatment method for colonic diverticular hemorrhage.
    Suzuki Hideo
    Endoscopy., 2015-05
  • Current situation of gastric cancer risk evaluation system "ABC classification" in Japanese local governments
    鈴木 英雄; 齋藤 洋子
    GASTRIC CANCER/53(4)/pp.463-470, 2015
  • A case of cervical esophageal adenocarcinoma arising from ectopic gastric mucosa
    越智 大介; 奈良坂 俊明; 圷 大輔; 小林 克誠; 菅谷 明徳; 小林 真理子; 今西 真実子; ...
    Progress of Digestive Endoscopy(1972)/82(1)/pp.106-107, 2013
  • A case of hemorrhagic Meckel's diverticulum in an elderly woman diagnosed by capsule endoscopy
    丹下 善隆; 奈良坂 俊明; 圷 大輔; 俣野 大介; 佐藤 雅志; 岩井 健太郎; 遠藤 荘登; ...
    Progress of Digestive Endoscopy(1972)/85(1)/pp.100-101, 2014
  • Risk factors for submucosal and lymphovascular invasion in gastric cancer looking indicative for endoscopic submucosal dissection
    Yamada Takeshi; Sugiyama Hiroaki; Ochi Daisuke; Akutsu D...
    GASTRIC CANCER/17(4)/pp.692-696, 2014-10
  • ピロリ菌除菌で将来は薬物性消化性潰瘍のみになるのか?
    鈴木 英雄
    消化器内視鏡/25(12)/pp.1990-1997, 2013-12
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