Seo Emiko

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  • 初期・後期研修医に対するメディカル・クラークの導入効果
    瀬尾 恵美子; 小川 良子; 前野 哲博; 松村 明
  • Efficacy and Safety of Gene-Chemo Therapy Using Oncolytic Adenovirus Expressing Uracil Phosphoribosyl Transferase (UPRT) Followed by 5-Fluorouracil Administration in Syngenic Pancreatic and Biliary Cancers in Immunocompetent Adenovirus-Permissive Syrian Hamsters
    Hasegawa Naoyuki; Abei Masato; Fukuda Kuniaki; Kawashima ...
    15th Annual Meeting of the American-Society-of-Gene-and-Cell-Therapy (ASGCT)/2012-7-6