Murakoshi Nobuyuki

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  • Correlation Between Myocardial Contrast Delayed Enhancement by Multidetector Computed Tomography and Dual 123I-BMIPP/201-Thallium SPECT for Myocardial Viability after Acute Myocardial Infarction
    Sato A; Seo Y; Ishizu T; Murakoshi N; Nishina H; Watanabe...
    9th International conference of nuclear cardiology/2009-05-01
  • Hybrid Therapy of Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation and Percutaneous Transvenous Mitral Commissurotomy in Patients With Atrial Fibrillation and Mitral Stenosis
    Machino T; Tada H; Sekiguchi Y; Yamasaki H; Arimoto T; Ku...
    30th annual scientific session of Heart Rhythm Society/2009-05-01
  • The Histological Findings of Vascular Response to Drug Eluting Stents
    Tajiri K; Watanabe S; Nakagawa Y; Liang J; Seo Y; Takeyas...
  • Chronic Kidney Disease as a Determinant of Cardiovascular Events and Chronic Left Ventricular Dysfunction in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome
    Watabe H; Seo Y; Sato A; Murakoshi N; Ishizu T; Takeyasu ...
  • The Advantage of Triangle Ventricular Pacing over Convention Biventricular Pacing Becomes More Prominent during the Tachycardia Setting
    ada H; Yamasaki H; Sekiguchi Y; Arimoto T; Kuroki K; Seo ...
  • Optical Coherence Tomographic Findings of Macrophage Accumulation in Atherosclerotic Lesions
    Nakagawa Y; Watanabe S; Liang J; Tajiri K; Seo Y; Sato Y...
  • Efficacy of Endocardial and Epicardial substrate mapping in patients with Non-ischemic Ventricular Tachycardia
    Machino T; Sekiguchi Y; Kuroki K; Yamasaki H; Igarashi M...
  • Can Intravascular Optical Cohenrence Tomography Detect Plaque Erosion?: Some New Finding in Rabbit Models
    Liang J; Watanabe S; Nakagawa Y; Tajiri K; Seo Y; Sato Y...
  • Can Intravascular Optical Cohenrence Tomographic Findings of Macrophage Accumulation in Atherosclerosis Lesions
    Nakagawa Y; Liang J; Watanabe S; Liang J; Tajiri K; Seo ...
  • 収縮性心膜炎との鑑別に難渋した、高度左室収縮障害による両心不全の1例
    古川大祐; 佐藤陽子; 渡部浩明; 秋山大樹; 町野 毅; 黒木健志; 山崎 浩; 有本貴範; 村越伸行; 石津智子; 関口幸夫; ...
  • 通常型房室接合部回帰性頻拍に冠静脈洞入口部起源の心房頻拍を合 併し、二種類の頻拍に対するアブレーション治療に成功した症例
    町野 毅; 夛田 浩; 渡部浩明; 黒木健志; 山崎 浩; 五十嵐都; 有本貴範; 関口幸夫; 村越伸行; 瀬尾由広; 久賀圭祐...
  • Laserを併用したPPIが奏功せず下肢切断を要した糖尿病性末梢血管障害の一例
    秋山大樹; 渡辺重行; 佐藤 明; 山本昌良; 馬場雅子; 町野 毅; 町野智子; 佐藤陽子; 黒木健志; 山崎 浩; 有本貴範...
  • The effects of pioglitazone on atrial fibrillation in rat model
    Xu Dong Zhu; Nobuyuki Murakoshi; Miyako Igarashi; Yukio ...
  • Downregulation of Oxidative Metabolism Related Gene Expressions is Associated with Atrial Fibrillation Vulnerability with Age
    Nobuyuki Murakoshi; DongZhu Xu; Miyako Igarashi; Yukio S...
  • The Effects of PPAR-γ Activator on Atrial Fbrillation in Aged Rat Model
    DongZhu Xu; Nobuyuki Murakoshi; Miyako Igarashi; Aiko Su...
    Heart Rhythm 2009/2009-05-14
  • AAV-mediated HCN4 gene transfer into cardiac conduction system increases spontaneous ventricular escape beats in the canine model of AV block
    Nobuyuki Murakoshi; Ryozo Kamimura; Kentaro Setoyama; Ken...
    Heart Rhythm 2009/2009-05-14
  • Up-streamtherapy for atrial fibrillation with PPAR-gamma activator in rat model
    Dongzhu Xu; Nobuyuki Murakoshi; Hiroshi Tada; Miyako Iga...
    American Heart Association Basic Cardiovascular Sciences Conference 2009/2009-07-22
  • 慢性腎臓病と心房細動
    村越 伸行
    The 9th Symposium of Meet the Professor in Cardiovascular Disease/2009-07-18