Omi Naomi

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  • 2020年東京オリンピックに向けたスイス陸上競技選手事前合宿における食事サポート活動報告
    内沢彰子; 小林優希; 池田真理; 木岡一輝; 西貝優里; 深澤瞳; 中村萌香; 舟山愛理; 加藤有美; 宮澤理花子; 麻見 直美
    筑波大学体育系紀要/43/pp.31-37, 2020-03
  • 特集 アスリートに学ぶアンチエイジング  高高齢アスリートの食事状況
    相川悠貴; 麻見 直美
    アンチ・エイジング医学―抗加齢医学会/16(1)/pp.35-39, 2020-02
  • 特集 アスリートに学ぶアンチエイジング  マスターズ世界最高齢男女金メダリスト(世界記録保持者)の食から学ぶ
    麻見 直美
    アンチ・エイジング医学―抗加齢医学会/16(1)/pp.28-34, 2020-02
  • 特集 アスリートに学ぶアンチエイジング  特集にあたって
    麻見 直美
    アンチ・エイジング医学―抗加齢医学会/16(16)/pp.21-21, 2020-02
  • Comparison of bone mineral density between male long distance runners and non-athletes
    Hattori Satoshi; Uchizawa Akiko; Omi Naomi
    Journal of running science/31(1)/pp.9-16, 2020-03
  • 男子高校生バスケットボール選手を対象としたインシーズンにおけるスポーツ栄養マネジメント -除脂肪体重の増加ならびに維持を目的に-
    尾出 翔子; 麻見直美; 清野 隼
    日本スポーツ栄養研究誌 = Japanese journal of sports nutrition/13/pp.151-151, 2020-01
  • Effect of skipping breakfast for six days on energy metabolism and diurnal rhythm of blood glucose in young healthy Japanese males.
    Hitomi Ogata; Momoko Kayaba; Yoshiaki Tanaka; Katsuhiko ...
    Am J Clin Nutr/110(1)/pp.41-52, 2019-07
  • Influence of Isomaltulose Ingestion on Fat Oxidation During Inclemental Exercise in Endurance Athletes
    Hattori Satoshi; Noguchi Ayaka; Sasagawa Katsumi; Ogata ...
    American Journal of Sports Science/7(4)/pp.193-198, 2019-12
  • Effect of Simultaneous Ingestion of Enzymatically Modified Isoquercitrin and Whey Protein on Plasma Amino Acid Concentrations -A Randomized, Double-blind Cross-over Trial-
    麻見 直美; 角谷雄哉; 西村栄作; 松井直子; 内田(丸木)裕子; 渡部厚一; 守田稔
    Jpn Pharmacol Ther/48(1)/pp.51-55, 2020-01
  • Association between breakfast skipping and postprandial hyperglycaemia after lunch in healthy young individuals
    Ogata Hitomi; Hatamoto Yoichi; Goto Yusuke; Tajiri Er...
    BRITISH JOURNAL OF NUTRITION/122(4)/pp.431-440, 2019-08
  • Effects of enzymatically modified isoquercitrin in supplementary protein powder on athlete body composition: a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial
    Omi Naomi; Shiba Hideki; Nishimura Eisaku; Tsukamoto ...
  • Relationship of height, body mass, Muscle mass, fat mass, and the percentage of fat with athletic performance in male Japanese college sprinters, distance athletes, jumpers, throwers, and decathletes
    Aikawa Yuki; Murata Mayu; Omi Naomi
    J Phys Fitness Sports Med/9(1)/pp.7-14, 2020
  • Jump Exercise and Food Restriction on Bone Parameters in Young Female Rats
    Aikawa Yuki; Wakasugi Yusuke; narukawa Takahiro; Yamashit...
    Calcified Tissue International/105(5)/pp.557-566, 2019-08
  • The Effect of Maple Syrup Ingestion on Fat Oxidation During Incremental Exercise in Endurance Athletes
    Hattori Satoshi; Noguchi Ayaka; Ogata Hitomi; Kobayashi ...
    American Journal of Sports Science/7(4)/pp.149-154, 2019-10
  • Adequate Energy lntake Prevents Low Bone Mass Under Exercise and Low Intake of Nutrients in Young Female Rats
    Aikawa Yuki; Kakutani Yuya; Agata Umon; Hattori Satoshi; ...
    American Journal of Sports Science/7(3)/pp.127-135, 2019-09
  • The influence of food restriction on bone in young female rats with voluntary wheel running over 5 weeks
    Aikawa Yuki; Kakutani Yuya; Agata Umon; Ezawa Ikuko; Omi ...
    J Phys Fitness Sports Med/7(5)/pp.297-301, 2018-7
  • Why Do Athletes Choose Dietary Supplements? Reliability and Validity of the Dietary Supplement Choice Questionnaire (DSCQ) among Japanese College Athletes
    KAKUTANI Yuya; KOIWA Akane; KAMIYA Saori; ONO Miho; SASAHARA ...
    Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology/65(4)/pp.343-348, 2019
  • Characteristics of Eating Habits in Student Athletes-Examination Based on Gender Difference
    Kato Yumi; Ode Shoko; Omi Naomi
    ANNALS OF NUTRITION AND METABOLISM/75(3)/pp.220-221, 2019-8
  • Relationship between Energy Expenditure, Menstrual Condition, and Bone Mineral Density in Female Athlete Triad
    Uchizawa Akiko; Osumi Haruka; Zhang Simeng; Tokuyama ...
    ANNALS OF NUTRITION AND METABOLISM/75(3)/pp.147-148, 2019-8
  • The Effect of Self-Evaluation of Dietary Life on Physical Conditioning Using Meal Check Slip
    Ode Shoko; Kato Yumi; Omi Naomi
    ANNALS OF NUTRITION AND METABOLISM/75(3)/pp.144-144, 2019-8
  • Effect of Class on Dietary Intake Balance in Junior High School Students
    Shiroma Saki; Kato Yumi; Watanabe Chinatsu; Ozawa Sat...
    ANNALS OF NUTRITION AND METABOLISM/75(3)/pp.124-124, 2019-8
  • 消防防災科学技術賞受賞報告「大規模災害発生時の活動隊員に必要な活動食の要件検討および備蓄内容の現状調査」
    麻見 直美
    Bull.Facul.Health&Sci.,Univ.of Tsukuba/42/pp.87-90, 2019-03
  • Study on the Usefulness of Existing Foods as Disaster Situation-Reserve Food for Fire Fighters during Emergency Rescue Condition
    小泉奈央、; 雨宮美宇; 緒方ひとみ; 麻見 直美
  • Studies on Storability of Fish-Sausage which is for Existing Foods and Supplemental Foods as Disaster Situation for Pearson Engaged on Disaster relief in Emergency Rescue Condition under Large Scale Disasters
    麻見 直美; 緒方ひとみ; 小泉奈央、; 多田元比古; 高橋義宣
  • Verification of Effect of Fish-Sausage Focused on Total Energy Intake for Fire-Fighters
    緒方ひとみ; 多田元比古; 小泉奈央、; 赤野史典; 玄海嗣生; 高橋義宣; 麻見 直美
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