Yamamoto Sari

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  • Road Pavement Design for deceleration of vehicles’ running speed: Design Proposal for Shared Space
    尾﨑拓磨; 山本 早里; 伊藤 誠; 川本雅之
  • Principle of Color Universal Design
    Yamamoto Sari
    JEJU Forum/2017-6-2--2017-6-2
  • 日中の歴史的な街並における屋外広告の許容色と面積に関する研究
    庄怡; 山本早里
  • Environmental Evaluation of Traffic Side Space for Urban Development by Collaborating Management between Goverment, Transportation Operators and Residents
    Sakurai Yusuke; Yamamoto Sari
    Tsukuba Global Sience Week 2016 Art & Design Session/2016-09-17--2016-09-19
  • Significance and Effect of the Educational Program of Creative Reconstruction by the University of Tsukuba Focusing on Art for the Great East Japan Earthquake
    Takasaki Yoko; Yamamoto Sari; Hara Tadanobu; Miyahara Ka...
    Tsukuba Global Sience Week 2016 Art & Design Session/2016-09-17--2016-09-19
  • Color Planning and Evaluation of University of Tsukuba Overseas Student Dormitories
    Komatsuzaki Rie; Zhuang Yi; Baniani Mahshid; Yamamoto Sari
    Tsukuba Global Sience Week 2016 Art & Design Session/2016-09-17--2016-09-19
  • Color Universal Design of Sign
    Yamamoto Sari
    Autumn Congress, Korea Society of Color Studies/2016-11-04--2016-11-04
  • Creative Reconstruction Educational Program of the University of Tsukuba for the Great East Japan Earthquake and evolvement to Local Design
    山本 早里; 高崎 葉子; 原 忠信; 宮原 克人; 五十殿 利治; 逢坂 卓郎
  • Evaluation of utilizing railway trackside space for urban development through Questionnaire survey of local goverment and railway company
    櫻井 祐輔; 山本 早里
  • Color Planning of Inhabited Environment for Multinational Students:Ichinoya Dormitory No.33~35 in University of Tsukuba
    小松崎 里恵; 庄 怡; Baniani Mahshid; 山本 早里
  • Possibility of Basic Education for Design through Sharing Aesthetic Evaluation:-From the Result of a Survey with Students of Design Colleges-
    高崎 葉子; 山本 早里
  • Case Study of Color Planning for Urban Renewal
    Yamamoto Sari
    AIC2015 Tokyo Midterm Meeting of the International Colour Association/2015-5-19--2015-5-22
  • The color codes of Japanese cities and how they were made
    Yamamoto Sari
    2015 15th International Color Conference on Color Design, Appilications and Science/2015-11-14--2015-11-15
  • 街づくりに寄与する鉄道及び線路脇空間の特性に関する類型研究
    櫻井祐輔; 山本 早里
  • A Comparison on Effects of Art Education during Childhood on Interior Color Preference across Cultures
    Mahshid Baniani; Sari Yamamoto
    AIC Interim Meeting 2014/2014-10-21--2014-10-24
  • Traditional Color of Cities in Central-eastern China
    Yi Zhuang; Sari Yamamoto
    AIC Interim Meeting 2014/2014-10-21--2014-10-24
  • Color regulation influence for wall color transition : Streetscape color simulation in which colors are selected by subjects
    紀室さやか; 槙究; 山本 早里; 熊澤貴之
  • The Relationship between Arts Education and Color Preference
    Mahshid Baniani; 山本 早里
  • An Effect of Townscape Color Planning Based on Balance of Color in Surround Environment
    熊澤貴之; 山本 早里; 槙究
  • Local Government Policies on Environmental Color Planning for Local Features
    山本 早里; 徐ミンジョン; 槙究; 熊澤貴之
  • Regional Color of Central-eastern China : Comparative Study on Environmental Color of Zhouzhuang, Chibi and Fenghuang
    庄怡; 山本 早里
  • 構成を基盤としたデザインの基礎教育の形成
    高崎葉子; 山本 早里
  • 筑波大学における創造的復興プロジェクトの概要と教育効果-復興支援教育プログラムの妥当性と効果-
    山本 早里; 高崎葉子; 原忠信; 宮原克人; 逢坂卓郎
  • 全国の景観計画における色彩基準の現状と地域特色との関係
    徐ミンジョン; 山本 早里
  • 2B-3 A Cross Cultural Study on Effects of Creative Education on Bedroom Color Preference(International Session,the 45th Annual Meeting)
    Baniani Mahshid; Yamamoto Sari
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