Wakimizu Rie

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  • Factors Associated with Quality of Life in Sibling of Children with Severe Motor and Intellectual Disabilities
    Sasaki Mikiko; Wakimizu Rie; Keiko Yamaguchi; Fujioka Hirosh...
    The 20th East Asian Forum of Nursing Scholars/2017-03-09--2017-03-10
  • The learning effects of the lecture by mothers rearing children with disabilities for nursing students.
    Wakimizu Rie; Sasaki Mikiko
    The 36th Academic Conference of Japan Academy of Nursing Science/2016-12-10--2016-12-10
  • Concept Analysis of Transition from Pediatric to Adult Health Care in Japan
    Yamaguchi Keiko; Wakimizu Rie
    Tsukuba Global Science Week(TGSW)2016/2016-09-17--2016-09-19
  • 在宅酸素療法を必要とする疾患をもつ新生児の母親に対する退院支援の検討
    佐々木実輝子; 涌水 理恵
  • 先天代謝異常症児の両親が抱く外来受診時のケアニーズおよび今後の課題~質問紙調査の結果から~
    山口慶子; 涌水 理恵
  • The questionnaire survey of quality of life of children with inherited metabolic disorders and their family members. Society for inherited metabolic disorders.
    Keiko Yamaguchi; Rie Wakimizu; Mitsuru Kubota
    Molecular Genetics and Metabolism,117(3)294-295.(Poster presentation #126)/2016-04-03--2016-04-06
  • 看護シンポジウム「小児がんの子どもの地域・成人移行に向けた支援―生きる力を育むエンパワメント―」看SY-1小児がん経験者と家族のエンパワメントを考える
    涌水 理恵
  • The requisite support regarded by medical professionals for children with inherited metabolic disease and their families: a literature review
    Keiko Yamaguchi; Rie Wakimizu
    Tsukuba Global Science Week(TGSW)2015/2015-09-27--2015-09-30
  • The Field Survey Of The Families Home-Rearing Children With Severe Motor And Intellectual Disabilities In Japan: Focused On Family Member’s Individual QOL
    Wakimizu Rie
    12th International Family Nursing Conference/2015-08-18--2015-08-21
  • 在宅重症児家族の支援ニードと専門職による実践の現状および必要度の評価~デルファイ法を用いて~
    涌水 理恵; 藤岡寛; 沼口知恵子; 西垣佳織; 佐藤奈保; 山口慶子; 岸野美由紀
  • 育児期の母親に対するトリプルP(前向き子育てプログラム)実施の試み
    藤岡寛; 涌水 理恵
  • 先天代謝異常症児と家族の生活実態に関する文献検討
    涌水 理恵; 山口慶子
  • The Family Empowerment of Mothers rearing Children with Severe Motor and Intellectual Disabilities: Mothers’ Perception of Service Needs for Maintaining their Daily Living and Empowering the Family
    Sato Naho; Nishigaki Kaori; Wakimizu Rie; Fujioka Hiroshi; Nu...
    the 18th East Asia Forum of Nursing Scholars (EAFONS)/2015-02-05--2015-02-06
  • The Thoughts and Feelings of Siblings Living with Children with Severe Motor and Intellectual Disabilities
    Numaguchi Chieko; Nishigaki Kaori; Wakimizu Rie; Fujioka Hir...
    the 18th East Asia Forum of Nursing Scholars (EAFONS)/2015-02-05--2015-02-06
  • 在宅重症心身障害児をもつ家族のサポートニーズ―父親のインタビュー分析より
    藤岡寛; 涌水 理恵; 佐藤奈保; 西垣佳織; 沼口知恵子; 岸野美由紀; 小沢浩; 岩崎信明; 山口慶子
  • ペアレンティングプログラムが発達障がい外来通院中の児・保護者・家族に与えた効果
    涌水 理恵; 藤岡寛; 宮本信也; 家島厚
  • Effectiveness of a group intervention based Positive Parenting Program with Japanese families raising a child with developmental disabilities: A quasi-experimental study
    Wakimizu Rie; Fujioka Hiroshi; Miyamoto Shinya; Ieshima Atsushi
    the 2014 ISPCAN International Congress/2014-09-14--2014-09-17
  • Relationships of family function, QOL and family empowerment of the family rearing a child with severe motor and intellectual disabilities at home
    Tsukuba Global Science Week(TGSW)2013 /2014-09-29--2014-09-30
  • 発達障害 シンポジウム 看護の視点から
    涌水 理恵
  • 質的研究の実践的理解―こんな研究もあるんです―
    藤岡寛; 涌水 理恵; 斎藤匡; 西垣佳織; 前原幸治; 卯月勝弥
  • 新生児・乳児の消化器ストーマスキントラブルケアの文献検討
    山口慶子; 涌水 理恵
    日本小児看護学会 第24回学術集会/2014-07-20--2014-07-21
  • Perceptions and needs of childhood cancer patients, mothers, and staffs for their long-term treatment and school re-entry in Japan
    Wakimizu Rie
    Tsukuba Global Science Week(TGSW)2013 /2013-10-02--2013-10-04
  • The Empowerment Of The Family Rearing Children With Developmental Disabilities Compared To The Family Rearing Children With Severe MOtor and Interllectual Disabilities.
    涌水 理恵
    The 11th International Family Nursing Conference/2013-06-19--2013-06-22
  • 小児がんで長期入院を余儀なくされた児の復学を考える
  • 小児がんで長期入院を余儀なくされた児の復学を考える
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