SHIMOJO Nobutake

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  • ECPR施行中に大量輸液による重症貧血を呈したものの脳組織酸素飽和度を維持でき神経学的予後良好であった1例
    園部 藍子; 小山 泰明; 宮 顕; 秋山 大樹; 榎本 有希; 萩谷 圭一; 山崎 裕一朗; 下條 信威; 河野 了; 水谷 太郎
    Japanese Journal of Reanimatology/34(3)/pp.232b-232b, 2015
  • Successful multidisciplinary treatment in a case of perinatal severe heart failure due to mitral stenosis
    宮顕; 河野了; 小山泰明; 榎本有希; 萩谷圭一; 山崎裕一朗; 下條信威; 水谷 太郎
    Journal of the Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine/23(1)/pp.67-68, 2016-01
  • Hypermagnesemia induced by laxatives received as a bowel preparation for colonofiberscopy: report of a case
    山崎裕一朗; 下條信威; 秋山大樹; 萩谷圭一; 小山泰明; 榎本有希; 河野了; 水谷 太郎
    Journal of the Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine/23(1)/pp.65-66, 2016-01
  • Nationwide prevalence, awareness, treatment and control of hypertension among the adult population in Bangladesh
    Jesmin S.; Iwashima Y.; Rahman M. A.; Habib A. K. M. A.; Shim...
    EUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL/36(1)/pp.897-897, 2015-08
  • Disruption of components of VEGF angiogenic signaling system in metabolic syndrome: Findings from a study conducted in rural Bangladeshi women
    Rahman A.; Jesmin S.; Farzana S.; Ahmed S.; Islam M. M.; Sulta...
    EUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL/36(1)/pp.377-377, 2015-08
  • Efficacy of concomitant use of dexmedetomidine and propofol in tetanus: report of a case
    Miya K; shimojo N; Koyama Y; Enomoto Y; Hagiya K; Yamasak...
  • Effect of aerobic exercise training followed by a low-calorie diet on metabolic syndrome risk factors in men
    Matsuo T.; So R.; Shimojo N.; Tanaka K.
  • 股関節離断術、後腹膜腔ドレナージにより救命しえたクロストリジウム性ガス壊疽の1例
    新井規仁; 西野衆文; 下條信威; 人見重美; 水谷 太郎; 山崎正志
    整形・災害外科/57(9)/pp.1179-1182, 2014-08
  • National profile of non-communicable disease risk factors in Bangladesh
    Mamun AA; Arai Subrina; Rahman Arifur; Habib AKMA; Islam MM; S...
    Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice/106(1)/pp.S7-S8, 2014-11
  • Therapeutic impact of diabetic erectile dysfunction: changes in VEGF and no in type I diabetic penis and effects of endothelin antagonism
    Mamun AA; Arai Subrina; Rahman Arifur; Islam MM; Shimojo Nobu...
    Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice/106(1)/pp.S19-S19, 2014-11
  • Interaction with the diabetes system VEGF, estrogen and system: study of complications and infection multilateral organ damage associated with diabetes using animal models
    Yamaguchi N; Arai Subrina; Shimojo Nobutake; N. Shikano; A. K...
    2011 Ibaraki Prefectural University of Health Sciences Project Report/pp.11-13, 2011
  • Impact of rivaroxaban compared with warfarin on the coagulation status in Japanese patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation: a preliminary analysis of the prothrombin fragment 1+2 levels
    Tajiri K.; Sato A.; Harunari Tomohiko; Shimojo Nobutake; ...
    Journal of Cardiology/65(3-4)/pp.191-196, 2015-03
  • Effects of protease activated receptor (PAR)2 blocking peptide on endothelin-1 levels in kidney tissues in endotoxemic rat mode
    Jesmin S; Shimo N; Yamaguchi N; Mowa CN; Oki M; Zaedi S; Sultan...
    Life Sci/102(2)/pp.127-133, 2014-05
  • Hyperinflation deteriorates arterial oxygenation and lung injury in a rabbit model of ARDS with repeated open endotracheal suctioning
    Kamiyama J; Jesmin S; Sakuramoto H; Shimojo N; Islam M; Hagiya...
    BMC Anesthesiol/15/p.73, 2015-05
  • Significant reversal of cardiac upregulated endothelin-1 system in a rat model of sepsis by landiolol hydrochloride.
    Seki Y; Arai Subrina; Shimojo Nobutake; Islam MM; Rahman Arif...
    Life Sciences/118(2)/pp.357-363, 2014-11
  • Effects of diabetes on cardiac VEGF system in estrogen/estrogen receptor manipulated animal model
    Arai Subrina; Mamun AA; Rahman Arifur; Islam MM; Shimojo Nobu...
    Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice/106(1)/pp.S47-S48, 2014-11
  • Assessment of Circulatory Levels of Endothelin-1 in Diabetic Subjects Screened Through a Cross Sectional Study from Rural Women in Bangladesh
    Rahman Arifur; Arai Subrina; Mowa CN; Sohael Farzana; Kamiyam...
    International Journal of Diabetes and Clinical Research/2/pp.1-5, 2015-02
  • Landiolol Hydrochloride Ameliorates Liver Injury in a Rat Sepsis Model by Down Regulating Hepatic TNF-A
    Yoshino Y; Arai Subrina; Islam MM; Shimojo Nobutake; Sakuramo...
    Journal ofVascular Medicine and Surgery/3:2/pp.1-5, 2015-3
  • Concomitant Down-Regulation of Et1-Etb System and VEGF Angiogenic Signaling in the Frontal Cortex of Endotoximic Mice: A Heightened Vulnerability to Cerebral Microcirculation in Sepsis
    Sonobe A; Arai Subrina; Shimojo Nobutake; Mowa CN; Islam MM; K...
    Journal of Vascular Medicine and Surgery/3-4/pp.1-7, 2015-6
  • Landiolol Hydrochloride Normalizes Diminished Levels of Cardiac Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) Signaling System Components in Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Sepsis Independent of Inflammatory Markers
    Seki Y; Arai Subrina; Islam MM; Ogura Y; Oki M; Shimojo Nobuta...
    Journal ofVascular Medicine and Surgery/3:2/pp.1-9, 2015-03
  • Higher circulatory level of endothelin-1 in hypertensive subjects screened through a cross-sectional study of rural Bangladeshi women
    Akter Shamima; Jesmin Subrina; Iwashima Yoshio; Hideak...
    HYPERTENSION RESEARCH/38(3)/pp.208-212, 2015-03
  • VEGF Signaling of the Diabetic Heart by Endothelin Antagonism: Endothelin-A Antagonism and Endothelin-A/-B Antagonism
    Miyauchi Yumi; Subrina Jesmin; Sakai Satoshi; Shimojo No...
    JOURNAL OF CARDIAC FAILURE/20(10::S)/pp.S190-S190, 2014-10
  • The effects of dietary modification, aerobic exercise training, and combined dietary modification and aerobic exercise training on central and peripheral arterial stiffness in obese men
    膳法(宮木) 亜沙子; 蘇 リナ; 熊谷 仁; 田中 喜代次; 下條 信威; 前田 清司
    Japanese Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine/63(3)/pp.333-341, 2014-06
  • 1-C-2 Effects of aerobic exercise and dietary modification on central and peripheral arterial stiffness in obese men(The Proceedings of the 21st Annual Meetings of Japan Society of Exercise and Sports Physiology July 27 ・ 28, (Saitama))
    ZEMPO-MIYAKI Asako; KUMAGAI Hiroshi; SO Rina; TANAKA Kiyoji; ...
    Advances in exercise and sports physiology/19(4)/p.112, 2013-12
  • 有酸素インターバル運動による時間節約効果:体力低位者への活用
    松尾 知明; 五月女 康作; 清野 諭; 江藤 幹; 下條 信威; 松下 明; 家光 素行; 大島 博; 田中 喜代次; 向井 千秋
    Japanese Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine/63(1)/pp.138-138, 2014
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