Maeshiro Tetsuya

Researcher's full information

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    Tetsuya Maeshiro; Katsunori Shimohara
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  • Hypernetwork Model to Represent Similarity Details Applied to Musical Instrument Performance
    Tetsuya Maeshiro; Midori Maeshiro; Katsunori Shimohara; S...
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  • Quantitative Analysis of Japanese Comic Dialogues for Human Interaction Design
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  • Analysis of temporal expression data of C.elegans early embryo
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  • Estimation of gene regulatory networks of C.elegans early embryo
    A. Okano; K. Monobe; M. Ito; T. Maeshiro
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  • A Design Method of Gene Regulatory Networks for Synthetic Worm based on Gene Expression Data
    Tetsuya Maeshiro
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  • T2-3 A New Computational Architecture for Ultra-High Speed Network Simulation
    邊見 均; 真栄城 哲也; 下原 勝憲
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  • Survey on Practice and Experience of University Students’ Task Management: Case of University of Tsukuba, Japan
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