Sakaguchi Tetsuo

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  • インターネットの多様な利用者環境における多言語文書の閲覧機能について
    阪口 哲男; 高 東梁; 吉川 晃生
  • An integrated method for management of mail server with various anti-spam tools
    佐々木 琢磨; 阪口 哲男
    IPSJ SIG Technical Report__2010-IOT-8_12_1-6/2010-03
  • A language independent method for spam filters using Unicode character properties
    佐々木 琢磨; 阪口 哲男
  • A Collaboration Model between Archival Systems to Enhance the Reliability of Preservation by an Enclose-and-Deposit Method
    Koichi Tabata; Takeshi Okada; Mitsuharu Nagamori; Tetsuo ...
  • A survey of the occupational consciousness and the learning will of the students at the vocational education
    風間 吉之; 阪口 哲男; 杉本 重雄