Inoue Tomoo

Researcher's full information

Research projects
Development of a face-to-face dining support system for enriching dietary life2009 -- 2010-03/学内共同研究500,000Yen
Communication analysis in collaborative work by measuring behaviors2007 -- 2008-03/学内共同研究500,000Yen
Content authoring and using environment for self-motivated learning2005 -- 2006-03慶應義塾大学/国内共同研究900,000Yen
Knowledge content building for intellectual augmentation2004 -- 2005Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/若手研究(B)3,700,000Yen
Content authoring system for observational outdoor learning2004 -- 2005慶應義塾大学/国内共同研究900,000Yen
CSCW2003 -- 2004東京電機大学/国内共同研究
CSCL2003 -- 2004東京電機大学/国内共同研究
CSCW2003 -- 2004東京学芸大学/国内共同研究
Metadata and knowledge sharing for supporting collaborative e-learning2002 -- 2004岡本 敏雄Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science/基盤研究(B)13,300,000Yen
Development of advanced collaborative distance learning environment on the WWW2002-04 -- 2004-03/出資金による受託研究1,500,000Yen