Inoue Tomoo

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  • A tool to transform monologue lecture style into dialogue style by adding a tutee agent in an educational video
    Nugraha Ari; Wahono Izhar Almizan; Harada Tomoyuki; Inoue...
  • 第二言語会話を支援するSpeech Speed Awareness Systemにおける母語話者の発話の検討
    佐々木 孝輔; 高谷 健斗; 井上 智雄
  • EdTech5.0に向けて
    井上 智雄
  • 夜勤看護師を対象としたSATセルフメンタルケアアプリの1か月継続利用による介入
    松本 敦子; 紙田 剛; 俵積田 ゆかり; 中村 綾子; 福地本 晴美; 三田村 裕子; 鈴木 浩子; 井上 智...
  • Influence of the representation of a conversational agent for supporting a non-native speaker to talk with a native speaker
    Inoue Tomoo; Kawai Kumiko
    13th International Workshop on Informatics (IWIN2019)/2019-09-08--2019-09-11
  • 共食エージェントの食事行動同期の効果
    井上 智雄; 野口 康人; 顧 佑祺
  • Using a conversational agent to facilitate non-native speaker’s active participation in conversation
    Guo Zixuan; Inoue Tomoo
    ACM CHI'19 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems/2019-05-04--2019-05-09
  • 母語話者との会話を支援する非母語話者用エージェントにおける形態の影響
    河合 公美子; 井上 智雄
  • Sharing roles between human and computer: collaborative work in the physical world
    Inoue Tomoo
    International workshop on Human-Engaged Computing (IWHEC 2019)/2019-01-12
  • Vibration cues for action orders improve efficiency of theatrical performance practice
    Sasaki Kosuke; Inoue Tomoo
    21st ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW'18)/2018-11-03--2018-11-07
  • A cuing system to support real-time sequential collaborative tasks
    佐々木 孝輔; 井上 智雄
  • Use of a conversational agent to support a non-native speaker based on turn-taking rules
    郭 子璇; 井上 智雄
  • SATセルフメンタルケアシステムVR版、WEB版、CAHTBOT版の比較検討
    紙田 剛; 松本 敦子; 伊藤 達哉; 井上 智雄; 宗像 恒次
  • 女性管理職を対象としたSAT-VR版による介入の試み
    松本 敦子; 紙田 剛; 井上 智雄; 宗像 恒次
  • A conversational agent that uses turn-taking rules for supporting a non-native speaker
    Inoue Tomoo; Guo Zixuan
    Workshop on Collaborative Technologies and Data Science in Smart City Applications (CODASSCA 2018)/2018-09-12--2018-09-15
  • Chat bot improves the motivation toward using a self-guided mental healthcare course
    Kamita Takeshi; Ito Tatsuya; Matsumoto Atsuko; Munakata ...
    Workshop on Collaborative Technologies and Data Science in Smart City Applications (CODASSCA 2018)/2018-09-12--2018-09-15
  • Development of a self-guided Web-based mental healthcare course for day-to-day practice
    Kamita Takeshi; Ito Tatsuya; Matsumoto Atsuko; Munakata ...
    12th International Workshop on Informatics (IWIN2018)/2018-09-09--2018-09-12
  • Remote Video Figure Achieves Smooth Cooperative Movement in a Bi-directional Telepresence Robot Environment
    Yuan Zijie; Inoue Tomoo
    24th International Conference on Collaboration and Technology (CRIWG 2018)/2018-09-05--2018-09-07
  • Application of a chat bot to a digital contents for self-mental care
    伊藤達哉; 紙田剛; 井上 智雄
  • Virtual reality course based on the SAT counseling method for self-guided mental healthcare
    Ito Tatsuya; Kamita Takeshi; Matsumoto Atsuko; Munakata ...
    The Sixth IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics (ICHI 2018)/2018-06-04--2018-06-07
  • Sharing the positional relationship with the bidirectional telepresence robots
    Katayama Naoki; Inoue Tomoo; Shigeno Hiroshi
    The 2018 IEEE 22th International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design (CSCWD 2018)/2018-05-09--2018-05-11
  • Effects of native speaker’s text input in the conversation with non-native speaker
    宋暁宇; 塙裕美; 井上 智雄
  • Influence of posture in co-dining conversation: Comparison between stand-up and seated conversation over meal
    野口 康人; 川本 裕貴; 井上 智雄
    ヒューマンコミュニケーション基礎 HCS2013-124 (2014-03)/2014-03-04--2014-03-05
  • Pair programming system based on text chat: A preliminary study on learner-learner interaction
    佐々木 孝輔; 林 勇吾; 井上 智雄
  • Study of auditory positioning for remote conversation by multiple participants
    叶 璟; 野口 康人; 井上 智雄
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