Suzuki Kanae

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  • Cross-Cultural Differences in Cyberbullying Behavior: A Short-Term Longitudinal Study
    Barlett Christopher P.; Gentile Douglas A.; Anderson C...
    JOURNAL OF CROSS-CULTURAL PSYCHOLOGY/45(2)/pp.300-313, 2014-02
  • 中学校美術科の鑑賞学習におけるウェブ上の画像利用の実態と意識に関する調査
    畔田暁子; 鈴木 佳苗
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  • The use of teaching materials for art appreciation lessons in junior high school and related issues
    畔田暁子; 鈴木 佳苗
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  • A two-wave panel investigation of the influence of viewing pro-social behavior on television on the sociality of elementary school children
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  • 携帯電話・ネット使用がいじめに影響する?
    鈴木 佳苗
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  • Web Images Used in Learning Art Appreciation at Junior High School
    畔田 暁子; 鈴木 佳苗
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  • 読書の意義と効果
    鈴木 佳苗
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  • Violence in Japanese television commercials: Application of the NTVS coding system to commercial analysis
    Tajima S.; Suzuki K.; Sado M.; Hasegawa M.; Horiuchi Y.; ...
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  • Use of gaming simulation for cyber-bullying prevention
    Suzuki; K.; Kashibuchi; M.; Yamaki; R.; Kumazaki; A.; Horiuchi; Y....
    シミュレーション&ゲーミング(英文特集号 Social contribution of simulation & gaming in various gaming cultures of the world), 2012-01
  • シミュレーション教材を使った体験的な学習を組み込んだ授業の開発と評価
    八巻龍・中園長新・鈴木佳苗; +鈴木 佳苗
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  • Effects of mobile Internet usage on cyber- and school-bullying experiences: A two-wave panel study of Japanese elementary, secondary, and high school students
    Suzuki; K.; Kumazaki; A.; Katsura; R.; Sakamoto; A.; ; Kashibuchi; ...
    Paper presented at the 3rd Global Conference Bullying and the Abuse of Power, Prague, Czech Republic, 2011-01
  • Netiquettes moderating the effect of Internet use on cyber-bullying: The two-wave panel study of Japanese elementary, secondary, and high school students
    Kumazaki; A.; Suzuki; K.; Katsura; R.; Sakamoto; A.; ; Kashibuchi; ...
    Paper presented at the 3rd Global Conference Bullying and the Abuse of Power (Prague, Czech Republic), 2011-01
  • The Effects of Netiquette and ICT Skills on School-bullying and Cyber-bullying: The Two-wave Panel Study of Japanese Elementary, Secondary, and High School Students
    Kumazaki; A.; Suzuki; K.; Katsura; R.; Sakamoto; A.; ; Kashibuchi; ...
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  • Causal Relationship between Sexual Reality and Experiences: A Two-Wave Panel Study of Japanese High School Students
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  • Media Literacy: A new type of communication skill
    Sakamoto A.; Suzuki K.
    Global COE Program “Science of human development for restructuring the gap-widening society”/p.67-72, 2010-01
  • Causal Relationship between Media Use and Information Literacy : A Three-Wave Panel Study with Junior High School Students
    OMI Rei; SAKAMOTO Akira; ADACHI Nireka; ANDO Reiko; AKIYA...
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  • Minor study: Television violence and aggression: the long-term effects of watching rewards, punishment, sorrow of people around victim, and victim's endurance of harm (国際応心英文特集号)
    鈴木 佳苗; 佐渡 真紀子; 長谷川 真里
    Japanese journal of applied psychology/34(0)/pp.82-91, 2009-03
  • Content analysis of violence appearing in Japanese news pro-grams: Its characteristic features compared to the real world and other TV genres.
    Horiuchi; Y.; Sado; M.; Suzuki; K.; Hasegawa; M.; Sakamoto; A.; Iss...
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  • Reliability and Validity of Multidimensional Empathy Scale for Children
    長谷川 真里; 堀内 由樹子; 鈴木 佳苗; 佐渡 真紀子; 坂元 章
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  • 中学生の映像制作体験を通したメディア・リテラシー学習とその効果
    大貫和則・高野恵義; 鈴木 佳苗; 西岡 貞一
    日本情報科教育学会誌/2/p.27-32, 2009-01
  • Effects of frequent viewing of violent depictions in TV programs on normative beliefs about aggression: A panel survey on elementary school students.
    Suzuki; K.; Sado; M.; Horiuchi; Y.; Hasegawa; M.; ; Sakamoto; A.; +鈴...
    The 10th annual conference of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Tampa, FL., 2009-01
  • Characteristics of Depiction of Prosocial Behavior in Japanese Television Programs: Longitudinal Studies of Fictional Progra ms Broadcasted in 2003 and 2004.
    Hasegawa; M.; Horiuchi; Y.; Suzuki; K.; Sado; M.; ; Sakamoto; A.; +鈴...
    Media Asia/35/p.170-178, 2009-01
  • 中学生のテレビゲーム使用と攻撃性-暴力描写視聴の影響および認知的熟慮性による調整効果の検討-
    鈴木 佳苗; 佐渡 真紀子; 堀内 由樹子; 長谷川 真里; 坂元 章
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  • The Effects of Communication by Cellphone on Intimacy in Interpersonal Relationship : A Survey for High School Students
    木内 泰; 鈴木 佳苗; 大貫 和則
    Japan journal of educational technology/32(0)/pp.169-172, 2008-12
  • Development of Media Education in Japan
    SUZUKI Kanae
    Educational technology research/31(1)/pp.1-12, 2008-11
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