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  • Quantitative trait locus analysis of cucumber fruit morphological traits based on image analysis
    Shimomura Koichiro; Fukino Nobuko; Sugiyama Mitsuhiro; Ka...
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  • Collaborative exploration of plant genetic resources in Vietnam, 2015
    Shimomura Koichiro; Sugiyama Keita; Yoshioka Yosuke; Tran...
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  • Quantitative evaluation of cucumber fruit texture and shape traits reveals extensive diversity and differentiation
    Shimomura Koichiro; Horie Hideki; Sugiyama Mitsuhiro; Kaw...
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  • Mapping of quantitative trait loci for Melon yellow spot virus resistance in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)
    Sugiyama Mitsuhiro; Kawazu Yoichi; Fukino Nobuko; Yoshiok...
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  • Gene pyramiding enhances durable blast disease resistance in rice
    Fukuoka Shuichi; Saka Norikuni; Mizukami Yuko; Koga Hiro...
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  • Strawberry cultivar identification and quality evaluation on the basis of multiple fruit appearance features
    Yamamoto Kyosuke; Ninomiya Seishi; Kimura Yoshitsugu; Has...
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    Yamamoto Kyosuke; Guo Wei; Yoshioka Yosuke; Ninomiya Seishi
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  • Identification of quantitative trait loci for downy mildew resistance in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)
    Yoshioka Yosuke; Sakata Yoshiteru; Sugiyama Mitsuhiro; Fu...
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  • Mutation of FVS1, encoding a protein with a sterile alpha motif domain, affects asexual reproduction in the fungal plant pathogen Fusarium oxysporum
    Iida Yuichiro; Fujiwara Kazuki; Yoshioka Yosuke; Tsuge T...
    FEMS Microbiology Letters/351(1)/pp.104-112, 2014-02
  • Identification and validation of powdery mildew (Podosphaera xanthii)-resistant loci in recombinant inbred lines of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)
    Fukino Nobuko; Yoshioka Yosuke; Sugiyama Mitsuhiro; Sakat...
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  • Improvement of Phenotyping in Crop Breeding Reseaches by Using Sensing Techniques
    吉岡 洋輔
    計測と制御/52(8)/pp.724-729, 2013-08
  • The Effect of Viral Infection on the Growth and Yield of Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) Line "Kyuri Ano 4" with Intermediate Resistance to Melon yellow spot virus (MYSV) and Susceptible Cultivars
    杉山 充啓; 吉岡 洋輔; 下村 晃一郎
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  • Use of image analysis to estimate anthocyanin and UV-excited fluorescent phenolic compound levels in strawberry fruit
    Yoshioka Yosuke; Nakayama Masayoshi; Noguchi Yuji; Horie ...
    Breeding Science/63(2)/pp.211-217, 2013-06
  • Effect of Monoecious Trait on Fruit Shape and Total Soluble Solid Contents of Melon
    坂田 好輝; 吹野 伸子; 小原 隆由; 杉山 充啓; 吉岡 洋輔
    Horticultural Research/12(1)/pp.15-22, 2013-01
  • Development of a Glossy-fruit-bearing Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.), 'Kyuri Chukanbohon Nou 6 Go'
    坂田 好輝; 杉山 充啓; 小原 隆由; 吉岡 洋輔; 吹野 伸子; 森下 昌三; 下村 晃一郎; 小島 昭夫; 野口 裕司
    Horticultural Research/11(2)/pp.165-171, 2012-04
  • A chromatic image analysis system using content-based image retrieval
    山本 恭輔; 木村 佳嗣; 戸上 崇; 吉岡 洋輔; 橋本 篤; 亀岡 孝治
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  • Fruit textures of Beit Alpha, greenhouse, Japanese, pickling, and slicer-type cucumbers
    Sakata Yoshiteru; Horie Hideki; Yoshioka Yosuke; Sugiyama...
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  • Combining ability analysis of fruit texture traits in cucumber by mechanical measurement
    Yoshioka Yosuke; Sugiyama Mitsuhiro; Sakata Yoshiteru
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  • Image-based phenotyping: use of colour signature in evaluation of melon fruit colour
    Yoshioka Yosuke; Fukino Nobuko
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    Sugiyama Mitsuhiro; Yoshioka Yosuke; Sakata Yoshiteru
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  • Quantifying cucumber fruit crispness by mechanical measurement
    Yoshioka Yosuke; Horie Hideki; Sugiyama Mitsuhiro; Sakata...
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  • Development of 101 novel SSR markers and construction of an SSR-based genetic linkage map in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)
    Fukino Nobuko; Yoshioka Yosuke; Kubo Nakao; Hirai Masash...
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  • Chalkiness in rice: Potential for evaluation with image analysis
    Yoshioka Yosuke; Iwata Hiroyoshi; Tabata Minako; Ninomiya...
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  • Pattern of geographical variation in petal shape in wild populations of Primula sieboldii E. Morren
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  • Ability of bumblebees to discriminate differences in the shape of artificial flowers of Primula sieboldii (Primulaceae)
    Yoshioka Yosuke; Ohashi Kazuharu; Konuma Akihiro; Iwata ...
    Annals of Botany/99(6)/pp.1175-1182, 2007-06
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