Ohkuma Chanwoo

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  • The background and features of the implementation of Nationwide Swimming Training for Conscription Candidates: Introduction to pre-military education of the National Physical Training Association
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  • アジア・太平洋戦争末期における軍事体育の受容‐茨城県土浦市真鍋国民学校の航空体育に着目して‐
    李 燦雨
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    李 燦雨
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    Lee Chanwoo
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    李 燦雨
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    Lee Chanwoo
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    Lee Chanwoo
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    李 燦雨
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  • A study on “Sage (Archery Fraternity)” in Jeongeup region of Korea in late 19th-20th century: Through interpretation of related historical materials of Philyajeongsage (Archery Fraternity of Philyajeong)
    李 燦雨
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    李 燦雨
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    Lee Chanwoo
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    李 燦雨
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  • Research on the Catalogue of“ Japanese and Chinese Books” in the Library of National School of Gymnastics (Taiso-Denshu-Jo)
    李 燦雨
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  • A study of Korean traditional archery organization“Sage(Archery Fraternity)”: On historical materials of Sapoge(Archery Fraternity of Village) in Yeongam region
    李 燦雨
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  • Korean traditional archery and Sage (Archery Fraternity): Through interpretation of historical materials from Deokyujeong.
    李 燦雨
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