Asashima Hiromitsu

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  • DNA microarray analysis identi es NR4A2 as a novel molecule involved in the pathogenesis of Sjögren’s syndrome.
    Takahashi Hiroyuki; Tsuboi Hiroto; Asashima Hiromitsu; Hi...
    The 7th East Asian Group of Rheumatology/2017-07-08
  • The functional analysis of dendritic cells developed from T-iPS cells-derived from a single CD4+ T cell of Sjögren’s syndrome.
    Asashima Hiromitsu; Ando Miki; Iizuka Mana; Lai C-Y; Tsub...
    The 7th East Asian Group of Rheumatology/2017-07-08
  • 当院におけるBechet病に対するレミケードの使用経験関節リウマチの病態におけるTNFα-その阻害療法の新たな視点-
    浅島 弘充; 坪井 洋人; 住田 孝之
  • DNA Microarray Analysis of Labial Salivary Glands in Patients with Sjogren's Syndrome: Comparison with IgG4-Related Disease
    Takahashi Hiroyuki; Tsuboi Hiroto; Nakai Yuji; Iizuka ...
    13th International Symposium on Sjogren's Syndrome/2015-05-19--2015-05-22