Kanagawa Tetsuya

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Honors & Awards
2023日本機械学会 若手優秀講演フェロー賞相変化を伴う気泡流中での圧力波伝播の理論解析【被表彰者】川目拓磨(金川研M2)
2023-03日本機械学会 畠山賞【被表彰者】邉見和史(金川研B3)
2023-03日本機械学会 畠山賞【被表彰者】長谷川建(金川研B4)
2023-03日本機械学会 三浦賞【被表彰者】川目拓磨(金川研M2)
2023-03日本機械学会 三浦賞【被表彰者】加賀見俊介(金川研M2)
2023-03筑波大学 学長表彰(学修)【被表彰者】Nguyen Nam Quoc(金川研B4)
2022-05Komiya Award, Turbomachinery Society of Japan流体工学および流体機械の研究奨励
2022-04-20The Young Scientists’ Award, the Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.Theoretical study on nonlinear wave equations for pressure waves in bubbly flows
2022-03Highlights papers in 2021, Japan Society of Applied PhysicsJapanese Journal of Applied Physicsから2021年に出版された論文771編中11編(1.4%)が選出
2022-04-20筑波大学 若手教員特別奨励賞文部科学大臣表彰若手科学者賞受賞による筑波大学の名誉向上への貢献
2021-0950th Awaya Kiyoshi Science Promotion Award from Acoustical Society of Japanマイクロバブルを含む水流中における圧力波の非線形発展:非振動成分としての抗力と気泡並進運動が波に及ぼす影響の理論的発見
2020-08JSMF Research Award for Young ResearchersAn Exhaustive Derivation of Nonlinear Wave Equations for Pressure Waves in Bubbly Flows
2020-03Education Contribution Award【被表彰者】金川哲也
2019-04JSME Young Engineers AwardTheoretical Development of Nonlinear Waves in Bubbly Flows
2024-03Star Reviewer 2023, Physics of Fluids
2023-03Star Reviewer 2022, Physics of Fluids
2022-02Star Reviewer, Physics of Fluids
2021-11100人論文2021 with Matching HUB Hokuriku オーディエンス賞
2021-05Spotlights, Japanese Journal of Applied PhysicsWeakly Nonlinear Theory on Ultrasound Propagation in Liquids Containing Many Microbubbles Encapsulated by Visco-Elastic Shell
2021-03Featured Article (Journal Best), Physics of FluidsTheoretical Elucidation of Effect of Drag Force and Translation of Bubble on Weakly Nonlinear Pressure Waves in Bubbly Flows
2019-12-03The 16th International Conference on Flow Dynamics Best Presentation Award for Young ResearcherKanagawa, T.
2012-04JSME Medal for Outstanding PaperUnified Theory Based on Parameter Scaling for Derivation of Nonlinear Wave Equations in Bubbly Liquids【被表彰者】金川哲也,矢野猛,渡部正夫,藤川重雄
2006-03William Wheeler Prize, Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University北海道大学工学部機械工学科在学時の学業成績優秀