Matsubara Masaki

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  • A System for Worldwide COVID-19 Information Aggregation
    Aizawa Akiko; Bergeron Frederic; Chen Junjie; Cheng Fei; ...
    NLP COVID-19 Workshop, The 58th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2020)/2020-07-09--2020-07-10
  • 木構造に基づく認知的音楽理論とその展開
    松原 正樹
  • 料理レシピの内容と構成が書き手の負担と読み手の効用に与える影響の研究
    香川 璃奈; 松原 正樹; 宮田 玲; 馬場 雪乃; 山肩 洋子
  • MicroTask Assignment Strategy Considering the Skill Improvement of Both Humans and AI
    Nakayama Takumi; Matsubara Masaki; Morishima Atsuyuki
    iConference 2021 Student Symposium/2021-3-19
  • 視線情報に基づいたクラウドワークの品質評価
    名和駿; Rabiul Islam Md.; Vargo Andrew; 岩田 基; 松原正樹; 森嶋 厚行; 黄瀬浩一
  • 呼吸音データを用いた睡眠時無呼吸症候群の検知の試み
    津本紗希; 堀江和正; 松原正樹; 佐藤誠; 北川博之; 歳森敦; 森嶋 厚行
  • ヒューマンコンピュテーションを利用した自然災害被災写真の位置情報の推定手法
    金承彦; 松原正樹; 森嶋 厚行
  • 人とAIの能力向上を共に目指したマイクロタスク割り当て手法
    中山拓海; 松原正樹; 森嶋 厚行
  • Usability of Audio Matrix Microtasks for Screen Reader Users
    Zhong Ying; Matsubara Masaki; Kobayashi Makoto; Morishima...
    The 36th Annual CSUN Assistive Technology Conference (CSUN) 2021/2021-3-8--2021-3-12
  • Effects of Question Type Presentation on Raised Questions in a Video Learning Framework
    Izumi Hinako; Matsubara Masaki; Watanabe Chiemi; Morishim...
    iConference 2021/2021-3-17--2021-3-31
  • 二重過程理論による説明可能なAI開発手法の提案
    内田 輝; 松原 正樹; 若林 啓; 森嶋 厚行
  • Analysis of Crowdsourced Multilingual Keywords in the Futaba Digital Archive: Lessons Learned for Better Metadata Collection
    Kawakami Mari; Sakaguchi Tetsuo; Shirai Tetsuya; Matsubar...
    The 22nd International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries (ICADL 2020)/2020-11-30--2020-12-1
  • Human-in-the-loop Approach towards Dual Process AI Decisions
    Uchida Hikaru; Matsubara Masaki; Wakabayashi Kei; Morishi...
    The 2020 IEEE Workshop on Human-in-the-loop Methods and Human Machine Collaboration in Big Data (IEEE HMData2020)/2020-12-11--2020-12-11
  • Analysis of Hand-drawn Maps of Places in Natural Disaster Pictures
    Kim Seungun; Matsubara Masaki; Morishima Atsuyuki
    The 2020 IEEE Workshop on Human-in-the-loop Methods and Human Machine Collaboration in Big Data (IEEE HMData2020)/2020-12-11--2020-12-11
  • A Survey of Visually Impaired Workers in Japanese and US Crowdsourcing Platforms
    Zhong Ying; Kobayashi Makoto; Matsubara Masaki; Morishima...
    The eighth AAAI Conference on Human Computation and Crowdsourcing (HCOMP2020)/2020-10-26--2020-10-29
  • Passerby Crowdsourcing: Workers' Behavior and Data Quality Management
    Iwamoto Eiichi; Matsubara Masaki; Ota Chihiro; Nakamura ...
    The ACM Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing 2019 (UbiComp2019)/2019-09-11--2019-09-13
  • Collecting and Organizing Citizen Opinions: A Dynamic Microtask Approach and Its Evaluation
    Matsubara Masaki; Matsuda Yuhei; Kuzumi Ryouhei; Koizumi ...
    iConference 2020/2020-03-23--2020-03-26
  • 聴覚障害者の音楽認知特性およびトップダウン処理支援による音楽トレーニング
    松原 正樹
  • Computational Detection of Local Cadence on Revised TPS
    Matsubara Masaki; Ishiwa Yuki; Uehara Yui; Tojo Satoshi
    International Conference on Computer Simulation of Musical Creativity 2018 (CSMC2018)/2018-08
  • Collaborative study of interactive seismic array sonification for data exploration and public outreach activities
    Matsubara Masaki; Morimoto Yota; Uchide Takahiko
    Interactive sonification workshop/2016-12-14
  • Loudness information interacts with SMARC effect
    Matsubara Masaki; Ohkimoto Miyu; Sowa Eileen; Sadakata M...
    The 6th Conference of the Asia-Pacific Society for the Cognitive Science of Music/2017-08-25--2017-08-27
  • 楽譜色付けによるオーケストラ聴取のメタ認知支援システム
    松原 正樹