Okamoto Masahiro

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  • Evidence for Hypothalamic Regulation by AVP and CRH in Running-Induced Stress Response
    高橋 佳那子; 島 孟留; 陸 瞕洙; 征矢 茉莉子; 小泉 光; 岡本 正洋; Jesmin Subrina; Soya ...
    American College of Sports Medicine 2018/2018-06-03
  • Androgen effect on mild exercise-induced hippocampal neurogenesis
    Okamoto Masahiro
    Human High Performance-oriented Sports Neuroscience by Integrating Basic Neuroscience/2018-02
  • Brain androgen mediates mild exercise-enhanced adult hippocampal neurogenesis.
    Soya Hideaki; Okamoto Masahiro; Yook JS
    The 8th Asia Conference on Kinesiology 2017/2017-12
  • Mild exercise causes dynamic change of hippocampal gene expression in response to acute stress
    Okamoto Masahiro; Pereira AC; Gray JD; Davidson RL; Kogan...
    Neuroscience 2017/2017-11
  • Glutamatergic modulation rescues behavior in an amyloid mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease.
    Larson CS; Davidson RL; Okamoto Masahiro; McEwen BS; Gray...
    Neuroscience 2017/2017-11
  • Mild exercise opens a window of ventral hippocampal plasticity by enhancing gene responsiveness to acute stress
    Okamoto Masahiro; Pereira AC; Gray JD; Davidson RL; Larso...
    Stress meeting 2017/2017-06
  • Importance of glutamate homeostasis for the beneficial exercise effect on depression and memory
    Okamoto Masahiro
    Global Initiative for Sports Neuroscience/2017-02
  • 性別を超えて神経を育む脳内アンドロゲン作用:運動による海馬神経新生に着目して
    征矢英昭; 岡本 正洋
  • 軽運動で脳を鍛えることはできるのか?
    岡本 正洋