Yanagisawa Hiromi

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Research projects
Protease regulation and integrity of connective tissues of the pelvic floor2010-08 -- 2015-08Hiromi Yanagisawa and R.Ann WordNational Institute of Health (NIH)/R01
Elastic fiber homeostasis in the vaginal wall2007-07 -- 2015-08R. Ann Word and Hiromi YanagisawaNational Institute of Health (NIH)/R01
Investigation of the potential role of fibulin-4 in the pathogenesis of Marfan syndrome2009-01 -- 2010-12Hiromi YanagisawaNational Marfan Foundation/
Fibulin-5 as a regulator of tumor angiogenesis2010-07 -- 2014-06Rolf BrekkenAmerican Cancer Society/Research Grant
Fibulin-5 modulates integrin-mediated signaling and alters microenvironment of the vascular wall.2008-07 -- 2010-06Hiromi YanagisawaAmerican Heart Association/Grant-in-Aid
Genetic dissection of Hand genes during neural crest development in vivo.2006-06 -- 2010-06Hiromi YanagisawaMarch of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation/Research Grant
Novel mechanism of matrix metalloprotease regulation by fibulin-5.2006-06 -- 2009-05Hiromi YanagisawaWelch Foundation/Research Grant
The role of fibulin-5 in cardiovascular remodeling.2003-07 -- 2009-06Hiromi YanagisawaNational Institute of Health (NIH)/R01
The role of novel secreted molecules in the cardiovascular remodeling in vivo.2001-07 -- 2003-05Hiromi YanagisawaAmerican Heart Association/Beginning Grant-in-Aid