Moriguchi Tetsuaki

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  • 筑波大学UTTACにおけるタンデム加速器の廃止措置計画
    森口 哲朗; 笹 公和; 大島 弘行; 石井 聡; 高橋 努; 田島 義一; 大和 良広; 関場 大一郎; 喜多 英治
  • Scientific strategy of UTTAC (Univ. of Tsukuba, Tandem Accelerator Complex) with new 6 MV tandem accelerator and high-resolution ion beam analysis
    T. Moriguchi; K. Sasa; D. Sekiba; E. Kita
  • Development of a time-of-flight detector for the Rare-RI Ring project at RIKEN
    Nakajima S.; Kuboki T.; Yoshitake M.; Hashizume Y.; Kanazawa ...
    15th International Conference on Electromagnetic Isotope Separators and Techniques Related to their Applications/2007-06-24--2007-06-29