Futamura Yasunori

Researcher's full information

  • Efficient Calculation of Electronic Structure Using O(N) Density Functional Theory
    Nakata Ayako; Futamura Yasunori; Sakurai Tetsuya; Bowl...
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  • Reduced-Shifted Conjugate-Gradient Method for a Green's Function: Efficient Numerical Approach in a Nano-Structured Superconductor
    Nagai Yuki; Shinohara Yasushi; Futamura Yasunori; Saku...
    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan/86(1)/pp.014708-1-014708-9, 2016-12
  • Eigenspectrum Calculation of the Non-Hermitian O(a)-Improved Wilson-Dirac Operator using the Sakurai-Sugiura Method
    Kuramashi Yoshinobu; Suno Hiroya; Nakamura Yoshifumi; Ishika...
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  • 27pSP-7 Stochastic estimation of level density in shell-model calculations
    清水 則孝; 二村 保徳; 櫻井 鉄也; 水崎 高浩; 宇都野 穣; 大塚 孝治
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  • Stochastic estimation of nuclear level density in the nuclear shell model: An application to parity-dependent level density in Ni-58
    Shimizu Noritaka; Utsuno Yutaka; Futamura Yasunori; Sa...
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  • 24pAF-7 One-electron wave functions of large systems by O(N)-DFT code CONQUEST with the Sakurai-Sugiura projection method
    中田 彩子; Bowler D. R.; 二村 保徳; 櫻井 鉄也; 宮崎 剛
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  • Filter analysis for the stochastic estimation of eigenvalue counts
    Maeda Yasuyuki; Futamura Yasunori; Imakura Akira; Sakurai Te...
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  • Multi-GPU scalable implementation of a contour-integral-based eigensolver for real symmetric dense generalized eigenvalue problems
    Yano Takahiro; Futamura Yasunori; Sakurai Tetsuya
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  • Efficient Algorithm for Linear Systems Arising in Solutions of Eigenproblems and its Application to Electronic-Structure Calculations
    Futamura Yasunori; Sakurai Tetsuya; Furuya Shinnosuke; Iwata...
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  • 7aBB-10 Numerical method for Bogoliubov-de Gennes equations with the use of the Sakurai-Sugiura method
    永井 佑紀; 篠原 康; 二村 保徳; 太田 幸宏; 櫻井 鉄也
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